White Chihuahua Names

Perfect For Any Chi, Especially White Ones

Looking for white Chihuahua names that match the color of your Chi? These darling little white canines are just one of the 29 colors of this breed available, and one of the most beautiful of all the colors. Like all Chi’s, these little beauties make great pets but can be somewhat nervous, especially around strangers or over-energetic children.

White Chihuahuas can be found in the purest snow white, but more often have a hint of beige or cream in their coats. The pure white, with no hint of other shade and no markings whatsoever, are the rarest of all these pooches. Markings or hints of other colors do not make the pup any less wonderful as a pet, but if you want a show dog, you need to locate one of purest snow white.

A few white Chihuahua name suggestions

Angel: This female puppy name is great for a white Chi. Angels are associated with heavenly objects, purity, blessings, and God as you may understand Him. You’ll certainly find your little lady to be a blessing in your life as you share years of happiness together.

Cloud: Light, fluffy clouds grace the sky just as your Chi will grace your life. Just look up at the lovely cumulus clouds in the sky on a pretty day and you’ll just know that your male or female pooch would love to be known by this term.

Cotton: White as the purest cotton ball, you may want to call your pup by this soft-sounding, gentle name. Anyone who has seen a field of pure white cotton growing in the field will love this moniker and, if you haven’t seen it growing, just look at the cotton balls in your bathroom and feel the soft, gentle touch like your pup’s coat.

Casper: This cartoon ghost is a friendly, not evil, spirit of purest white. Children have long loved Casper the friendly ghost as they watch his adventures on television, making this a very pleasing white Chihuahua name to call your pup when you want him to come.

Day: This feminine name brings to mind the white light of daytime. It’s a lovely sounding word which will seldom be heard when other owners call their pets and might be perfect as a white Chihuahua name.

Divinity: This is a popular confection made from sugar, egg whites, and pecans and is a fluffy white treat. The name brings to mind the divine, and if you’ve had this treat, you’ll know it truly is divine. Choose this whit Chihuahua name for a lady pooch.

Ghost: A popular name for a pure white canine, this spirit-related term can be a great choice even if you do not believe in after-life haunting. This choice works perfectly for either gender.

Light: Light actually has all the colors of the spectrum but this causes it to appear white to the human eye. A wonderful female white Chihuahua name, it could be changed to Lightning for a male pup.

Moonshine: This white Chihuahua name refers to the light of the moon, not only to illegal homemade liquor called white lightning. If you like the sound of the name, it would fit either gender well but might be best for a little boy.

Nova: This term refers to a star which has exploded. The light appears to be white when seen through a telescope. It is a great name for a lady pup and uncommon enough that every dog on the block won’t come when you call your lady.

Spirit: A good white Chihauhua name for a pup that has a lot of energy, or one that comes and goes at will, like a ghost would.

Other white Chihuahua names to consider

Avalanche Fluff Pearl
Blanco Foam Purity
Blizzard Fog Shell
Blondie Frosty Snowy
Bunny Glacier Snowball
Cameo Grace Snowflake
Camelia Happy Sparkle
Charity Hope Star
Cookie Ice Stardust
Crystal Iceberg Starlight
Dove Klondike Starshine
Diamond Lilly Sundae
Dream Milkshake Whitey
Dusty Misty Wish
Fallow Moonbeam Willow
Feather Opal

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