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Unusual Chihuahua names abound for these unique toy size dogs, these pups are quite unusual in appearance also. Their large pointed ears appear too large for their heads. Those big eyes look like they belong to a much larger dog. Yet, it’s understandable as to why their so loved by many.

Chi’s are wonderful four-legged companions. They are very loyal to their human family but can be a little nippy around strangers when older. Their sharp little teeth nip and your friend’s shoes can be ruined. Let your pup get to know your friends slowly and you can avoid this issue. They love to pick fights with other dogs, so keep your buddy on a leash at all times.

A Doggie Name Disclaimer...

We offered this names page for those owners looking for…well…unusual names. We make no claims that these names are good name choices, only that they are “unusual”. Read on to see what we mean.

Our Unusual Chihuahua Name Lists

Anise: An herb which tastes much like liquorish, your Chi will certain add flavor to your every day. Used to make certain liquors and flavor baked goods, your spicy little pooch will love this choice.

Bistro: This word refers to a dark, delicious eatery making this choice wonderful for a darker coated boy or girl. You pooch is sure to want a doggie bag every time you go to a bistro yourself!

Buzz: Commemorate the life of Buzz Aldrin with this unusual choice. Aldrin has been to the moon, flown Space Shuttles, and even tried his skills on Dancing with the Star at age 80+, What a full life; you and your pet can have a full life together as you buzz about town.

Bogart: Male Chi’s can tend to become a bit vain. A masculine name, Humphrey Bogart is famous for “Here’s lookin’ at you, kid” and your little Boggie will always be happy to see you at any time.

Bogota: The capital of Columbia, this unusual Chihuahua name is easy to understand when you call your pooch and it is likely no other dogs nearby share the choice.

Cadence: A military march, often marched to a chant, your pup will quite likely walk in cadence with you as you stroll or jog the parks and streets. You could even learn a few cadence chants to make it more amusing for both of you.

Elvis: If your dog thinks he’s “The King” of your household, then this name might be a good fit. Besides, you can always say “Elvis has left the building” when your pet goes outside.

Fantasia: The dragon in the movie Never-Ending Story, this term has come to mean a fantasy world. An unusual female Chihuahua name for a lady pooch who loves to day dream as you relax together.

Jazz: An unusual Chihuahua name for a pup who loves music, and that has a rhythm all it’s own.

Pepsi: An interesting puppy name for a brown colored Chi that has a sweet, bubbly personality.

More unusual Chihuahua names you might like...

Arden Eon Largo
Anvil ET Leopard
Aspen Eloise Linus
Basil Envy Loner
Beans Exodus Luster
Bungee Flava Magi
Camper Frappe Meridian
CD Gretchen Mildred
Carl Grindel NASA
Conga Hasty Nellie
Cringle Haze Neon
Cuddles Hilo Puddles
Curly Hubble Savine
Dandy Inca Silver
Data Jubilee Spinner
Dennis Jupiter Story
Dimples Lady Gaga Syntax

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