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Unique Dogs Deserve A Unique Name

When shopping for unique Chihuahua names, you’ll find there are many to choose from which are appropriate for your little toy breed Chi. Whether your pup has long hair, short hair, white or black coat, tan or blue coat, or even multicolored hair, you’ll want a special name to call him or her by.

unique chihuahua name

Chihuahuas are unique dogs to say the least. Originating in Mexico and South America, they are among the smallest canine breeds popular today as pets. The “teacup” or mini-Chi is really tiny while the standard size is still quite small, qualifying as toy size. All are beautiful dogs with apple-shaped heads, curling tails which extend over the back, dainty legs, large pointed ears which appear too large for the dog’s head, and huge eyes.

Their small size makes them great companions because they require little space and do not need to run as far or as fast as a huge breed in order to get enough exercise. They of course require daily exercise to be healthy and prevent weight gain, a problem this breed can develop as they age.

Our Unique Chihuahua Names

Bonkers: This choice is great for a bouncy pup that likes to play and joke with you. Many Chi’s have a great sense of humor and will offer a toy to you, only to run away with it like crazy. This choice would be great for boy or girl.

Chase: This masculine name is great for a pooch that likes to chase its tail, which most pups do. Commemorate this fun activity with this unique name for your little boy.

Chopper: Chi’s have sharp little teeth and can chop down if angry or onto a toy with which they are playing at the time. Teeth are often referred to as choppers, making this a girl or boy choice that you won’t often hear.

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Grande: Meaning “large” this unique choice refers to the fact that Chi’s are known as big dogs in little bodies. This reputation comes from the fact that they will tackle much larger canines without a thought, thinking they are larger than the challenger. Choose this term for either gender.

Pitter Pat: Dainty little Chi feet trotting along beside you will make you think the pooch is pitter patting along. Working well for either gender, chose this name for a pooch with an especially dainty gait.

TicTac: Chi’s have tiny feet with nails that often click on hardwood or tile floors, making the sound “tic tac” as they dance along the floor. A unique name idea, this would be great for male or female four legged friend.

Rio: A great masculine name, it refers to the Rio Grande River which separates the U.S. from Mexico, the origin of the Chihuahua. It’s unusual and takes into account the pooch’s ethic background.

Prissy: A feminine name, the dance like trot of these toy sized girls makes them look really prissy as they walk along.

Tripper: Little pups like Chi’s can sometimes get underfoot and almost trip their human family member. Chose this unique word for either girl or boy pup but you might prefer it for a male.

Other Unique Chihuahua Names To Consider

Aspen Flapper Luster
Azure Flash Maui
Avalon Funny Face Moxie
Bodine Gage Nebula
Brody Garner Neon
Bungee Gingersnap Nova
Carlisle Giant Noggin
Challenger Gumdrop Oren
Cabo Humble Oreo
Cadence ICU Pixel
Dakota Ipod Prancer
Dimples Juniper Razzle
Dizzy JuJuBee Taz
Elvis Khan Trekie
Everest Kong Terror
Fable Laptop Terminator
Flapper Least Yukon

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