Spanish Chihuahua Names
Can Be The Perfect Fit For Your Chi

Looking for Spanish Chihuahua names to give your newly acquired Chihuahua? Then one of these listed below is certain to be perfect for your pup, and will reflect the Spanish origins of this small breed. Your dog will hear this term day in and day out for its entire life, so select something both you and your four-legged buddy can enjoy.

Generally, Spanish monikers reflect gender, unlike English where words are often non-gender specific. Most terms used in this way will end with “A” or “I” if it is intended to be feminine but will end with a terminal “E” or “O” for the masculine form of the word. Yes, every rule has exceptions but this rule applies far more often than not. So, check that you're choosing a name of the proper gender for your pal.

These toy sized canines, often called “Chi’s” for short, will lead you to many monikers which might suit your pet. You can choose to reflect their dainty size, spicy personality, playfulness, loyalty or any other aspect of the breed that suits your fancy. As a key member of your canine’s “pack”, you’ll want to choose a term which will obtain a rapid response and that is not shared by every other dog in the area.

Our Spanish Chihuahua Name Lists

Alma: Meaning “spirited”, this feminine term certainly describes most little lady pooches of this breed. Full of energy and a love of life, when young, these pups are hard to keep up with, and even as they age, they remain quite energetic.

Abrazo: Translated as “to hug”, you might dub your little boy pooch with this interesting choice of Spanish terms.

spanish chihuahua name

Bambino: Whether you get your dog as a tiny, just weaned pup, or an adult canine, you’ll likely think of her as your “baby”. Those feelings are clearly reflected in this forename selection as well as the influence of Spain and the language.

Beso: Identify your male pooch with this choice which means “kiss”. These small, compact creatures love to kiss or lick the faces of their loved ones, and who wouldn’t love a few kisses from Beso?

Frijole: A favorite part of many Spanish dishes are beans, and this Spanish Chihuahua name can be used to identify your pooch of either gender. Chances are no other canine in the immediate area will share this forename and your pooch will readily be able to know when you are calling him or her.

Hola: Meaning “hello”, this happy sounding term is a great way to I.D. your furry best buddy. Ending in “A”, this term would ordinarily be considered a feminine term, but every rule has exceptions, and you can choose this term for either gender equally well.

Hombre: A term which translates to “adult male”, it is often mistranslated as meaning “friend” by those who know only a bit of Spanish. Your boy will be pleased to be known as your Hombre.

Juarez: Dub your little pal of either gender with the term for a small city just south of the U.S. border. The Spanish influence in the word is clear and the word is pronounced “WAR-ez”.

Inez: A Spanish Chihuahua puppy name meaning “absolutely perfect” this identifier for a lady pooch will be absolutely perfect for your adopted family member. Uncommon enough to draw your pup’s attention easily in a crowd, both you and your dog will find this term acceptable and pleasing for life.

Mescal: A type of cactus used to make a form of alcoholic beverage which often has a worm in the bottle, you might select this word for either male or female dog.

More Spanish Chihuahua Name Ideas

Amigo Ernestina Nola
Augusto Eva Nessitta
Alva Flamenco Omano
Bario Gracia Olla
Belinda Grande Ota
Bucco Harmondo Pillar
Cadilla Ida Posse
Chimmi Illeva Rico
Chico Josephina Sanchez
Chili Josina Serena
Chorrito Jojoba Salsa
Danillo Krytino Tampico
Dega Kata Tico
Delberto Lupino Vargo
Domingo Lorro Vena
Elva Netta Xema
Ernesto Nina Vena

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