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One of the many ideas for Mexican Chihuahua names may be just the perfect choice for your new pup. You should choose his or her name based on the dog and its personality, your personal taste and preferences, and selecting a name which your pet will readily recognize as its own. You do not want to select a word with which to call you dog that is too common or every dog in the neighborhood will react to when you intend only yours to respond.

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Because Chihuahuas are associated with Mexico, many of these small breeds are called by words common to the Spanish language or which highlight the South of the Border association. You may choose an English word which is meaningful to you and has been translated into Spanish, a Spanish word which has an especially nice ring or sound when spoken, or even a non-Mexican word which sounds Spanish in origin.

Our Mexican
Chihuahua Name Lists

Alita: This girl name translates to mean “noble” and these small, short haired pooches are certainly noble in their physical and spiritual personas. The moniker is pronounced “A-Lee-ta” with accent on the first two syllables.

Amigo: This word means “friend” and is usually used to refer to the male gender. Mark your buddy with this Mexican Chihuahua name so he’ll always know how you feel about him.

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Ciro: This short masculine moniker means “the sun” or “sol”. Your boy companion canine will certain become the sunshine of your life as together you play, romp, walk, and cuddle daily. This name also reflects this breeds sunny personality.

Padre: This Mexican Chihuahua name means “father” and would be perfect for a little boy Chi, whether he fathers pups or not.

Poco: This Mexican word means “small” and refers to your pal’s physical size, certainly not his or her mental image of him or herself. These little pooches think they are giants and take on other larger canines readily.

Quatro: Meaning “four”, this Mexican Chihuahua puppy name indicates that your companion is your very favorite four-legged creature. It is also a very unique sounding word which is not commonly used for pups so your dog will feel special.

Senorita: This choice translates to “single lady” and could be just the right fit for your little darling girl. If you have a male and female pair and plan to let them raise a family, you’ll wait to use “Senoia” which means “married lady”.

Tia: This word means “aunt”, as in one’s mother’s sister. The word has a delicate, dainty sound which is perfect to suit a little lady pooch with a dainty, somewhat prissy persona.

Uno: This word is Spanish for “one”. Your canine pal will certainly be your number one companion as you romp and play together. You could choose this for either a male or female equally as well.

For Gender Specific Ideas...

Mexican Male Chihuahua Names: These names are dedicated to the new four legged hombre in your casa.

Mexican Female Chihuahua Names: For the ladies only. Find names here that are feminine, yet spicy.

More Male & Female Mexican Chi Names

Abelina Diego Jairo
Adan Dominica Jorgina
Agata Elberto Lobo
Agusto Edita Lolita
Alberto Eleuthra Lopez
Alvarez Falivio Marco
Antonio Fatima Maria
Andre Ferdinand Maribel
Belia Francisca Martez
Berilo Gabino Martinez
Blasio Grande Nativadad
Caliopa Guadalupe Nieva
Carmen Hector Osias
Carlos Hugo Pancho
Chico Ignacio Palamino
Chichi Inez Pepe
Diablo Jacinto Rosilita

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