Male Chihuahua Names
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Male Chihuahua names can be cute, funny, or serious as long as they have a masculine tone which allows people to realize your pet is a little boy. This small, toy size breed has a huge personality making them seem like much larger dogs.

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Consider the size of the pooch, but also the personality as well as your personal likes and dislikes when selecting the right term to call your pup. If you adopt an adult that already has been called by one name for years, don’t try to change it because it can confuse your dog while he is trying to adjust to a new home, however, if you get a young dog, you can change the name easily enough.

Our Male Chihuahua Name Lists

Benton: A fairly common surname in American and English, this word has the strong sound for a Chi that has a bold personality.

Bucky: A rather common nickname for humans named longer names like Bernard or Braxton, this short name is simple yet strong and reminds one of a male deer with large antlers.

male chihuahua names

Carson: Kit Carson was a renowned figure from the Old West and it remains a common surname for humans today, for example, Johnny Carson late night talk show host. The strong sound makes it great for your pal.

Dalton: A criminal gang from the frontier days, these brothers robbed banks and gained riches and power as well as a cult-like following. As with most hoodlums, they lost in the end, but this strong sounding name will make your dog feel like one of the gang.

Gandalf: A good magician from the J.R.R. Tolkien books in the Lord of the Rings series, this name refers to a creature of good spirit who does the right thing even in the face of temptation. Choose this for a white pooch or one of any color that has the ability to obey commands and be trained easily.

Les Paul: The inventor of some of the best guitars in the world and writer of some of the best songs to be played on a Les Paul, any pooch that shares his life with a music enthusiast would be happy with this male Chihuahua name.

Marvel: A male Chihuahua name which shows how pleased you are to have located your special male Chi. His antics will be real marvels to watch as he invents new ones to perform for you.

Pepper: Hot, spicy peppers bring to mind the spunky personality of this toy breed. They add spice to the lives of their owners and this cute name can show the world that you value that extra excitement provided by your furry quadruped.

funny ch

Presley: If you are a fan of Elvis or even Lisa Marie or Priscilla, this surname would make a wonderful male call name for a spunky little pooch. Even if you are not a big Elvis fan, the name has a special ring to it which sounds as well-bred as your Chihuahua is likely to be.

Romeo: Chihuahuas have a sweet, lovable side, so pay tribute to this adoring personality trait, by naming your male pet after the romantic character.

For Other Male Chihuahua Names Try These...

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Mexican Male Names: OLE!

Argon Glitter Niles
Arden Gumby Otis
Beasley Hawk Orwell
Biggie Jovial Pesto
Chipper Justin Pounce
Chong Klovis Quincy
Darrin Kendry Ragtag
Desi Kiliope Rebel
Diego Kahuna Roar
Dylan Malkovich Salvadore
Edge Medley Scamp
Elixer Mugsy Titus
Elan Lennon Torro
Farley Lazarus Tulley
Flash Norvil Thumper
Frog Neptune Trevor
Galley Nevus Wyatt

Additional Male Chihuahua Names

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