Long Haired Chihuahua Names
Here’s A Few Interesting Name Ideas…

If you‘re looking for long haired Chihuahua names, why not give your pup a name that matches it‘s unique looks? With their beautiful appearance, and their long silky hair, it’s no wonder you chose this breed of Chi, so why not choose a name that honors it’s long haired looks?

The special coats on this breed do require a bit of grooming to look their best, but a simple brisk brushing, which most Chi’s simply love, does the trick just fine. The “feathers” on the curled tail tend to mat if not brushed for a few days, but grooming takes only a minute or two on a daily basis and the added beauty is well worth the small amount of trouble required to make your pooch look his or her best.

Some ideas for long haired Chihuahua names that you might want to consider:

Feather: The fur which extends from the curled tail of the Chi is called “feathers” and feathers are soft and silky by nature. Why not choose this term for your light as a feather friend? It is unique enough that few others pooches will share the moniker.

long haired chihuahua name

Samson: The Biblical character Samson held his strength in his hair. Once Delilah cut his hair, he lost all his mighty strength. While your Chi’s strength is not because of its long coat, it would be a great choice to commemorate the long coat of your little boy.

Silky: The coat of these canines is so soft that it calls to mind silk fabric. This moniker can work for either a girl or a boy but might be best for a lady pooch.

Pelage: This term means long hair and could be used as a selection for either gender. It certainly isn’t a term you’ll hear other pups called by when you play in the dog park with your Chi.

Luster: Choose this term for the shiny long coat of your favorite four legged pal. It works equally as well for male or female and has a pleasant sound to the ear.

Fluffy: Unlike short coated Chi’s, your pooch’s coat will have a fluffy look and feel that only this breed of Chi owns. This choice can be used for either gender equally well but you might prefer to choose it for a lady pooch.

Rasta: While your long coated pet won’t have dred locks, many Rastfarians wear long, long hair wrapped into dred locks. This unusual name would be great for your little boy or girl and few other pets would share the moniker.

Willow: The leaves of the weeping willow bring to mind the long haired coat of your Chi. This choice would be a perfect puppy name for a beautiful dainty little lady pooch.

Even More Long Haired Chihuahua Names

Adonis Delia Ponytail
Barbie Dred Puff Ball
Bear Fabio Rapunzel
Bigfoot Frizzy Reggae
Bouffant Fuzzy River
Braids Gidget Rock Star
Branch Goldilocks Sasquatch
Bushy Harry Snuggles
Cinderella Lion Softy
Coif Locks Stream
Cozy Mullet Tangle
Chewbacca Pillow Teddy Bear
Cuddles Pony Thumbelina

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