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Cute Names For The Little Lady

Finding suitable girl Chihuahua names, ones that not only you like, but that your pup does too can be a bit of an undertaking. Considering that if your Chi is just a pup, that the name you choose will be used up to 30,000 times over the course of your dogs lifetime, it shows just how important choosing the right one can be.

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Girls of this breed of small pup are pleasant dogs full of energy and life. With their short legs, body longer than tall, large pointy ears and bulging eyes, they have a wistful appearance. The curlicue tail, often curving well over the back, adds to their appeal. Fans of this breed know that they can have a “big pooch syndrome” thinking they are as large as a Doberman and readily taking on larger canines. They may slow down a bit in middle age (don’t we all?) and sometimes, if their diet is not closely watched, tend to gain a bit too much weight.

Making wonderful pets who are loyal to their humans, this toy breed has become very popular over the years, and even more so recently with the celebrities who own them being snapped by paparazzi and a Mexican fast food chain choosing this breed for their animal mascot.

Our Girl Chihuahua Names Lists

Dawn: Commemorating the rising of the sun or the first rays of daylight, this term makes a great choice for your little girl canine. She’ll make even a cloudy day feel as if the sun has just dawned as she offers you her love and attention.

Fawn: This girl Chihuahua name has two different meanings. It refers to a baby deer, which is a cute, bug-eyed creature as is your lady Chi pup. Also, fawn is a common and popular coat color in these girls, so if you pet is light tan or has a fawn coat, this moniker is perfect for her. Even if she doesn’t have the color, you may simply love the sound of the word.

Jamiee: This term means “love” and is thought to be a shortened and feminized form of James, one of Christ’s apostles who spread love wherever he went. There are a multitude of alternate spellings available including Jami, Jamee, Jaimy, and others.

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Jodi: A short form of Joseph or Jude, this choice is short to suite the small size of your girl pet and and has a robust background, just as your pet will have a robust impact on your daily life in very positive ways. By shortening the moniker instead of using Josephina or some longer name, the cuteness factor goes up to meet the cuteness of the moniker’s owner.

Lucy: Another short girl names for Chihuahuas that will be easy for your pup to respond to, this nickname mean “light” and is often thought of as being a shortened form of Lucille. Your pup will be pleased to share the name of the famous red-headed comedian of I Love Lucy fame.

Rae: Pronounced the same as “ray” as in “ray of sunshine”, this choice actually means “doe” which refers to a mature female deer. The large eyes and ears of the female deer will certainly bring to mind those of your little lady companion.

Shandy: This girl Chihuahua name means boisterous, and your little girl is sure to have such as personality that she’ll fit this name quite well.

Teri: This short form of Theresa, a well-known saint, is short and easy to say so you pooch will come readily when you call her. These little dogs are also easily confused by non-aficionados as terriers and Chi’s are often part terrier, so this moniker can really be doubly fitting.

Zip: A shorter form of the much longer and more difficult to speak “Zipporah”, these energetic little ladies fit this call word rather well. You’ll find their vim and vigor is contagious and you’ll be more than ready to take your lady Zip out for a run or stroll daily.

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Annie Jazz Tami
Becky Jet Tora
Bev Karen Trevor
Brenda Kasey Vegas
Carla Lacy Vera
Coral Lapis Waco
Cindy Lora Wendy
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DeeDee Minnie Wowzer
Emma Nibs Winsome
Eve Nellie Whisper
Fancy Nola Yolanda
Faye Opal Zany
Frieda Orida Zippy
Gail Sadie Zig Zag
Genie Spuds
Greta Starlight

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