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Searching for some G-H female Chihuahua names? We did our homework! And when it comes to finding the best G and H female dog names we have them right here. We believe that your dog is a part of the family, and as a family member; she will need a really good name. Therefore, it is very important for you to choose the ideal name for your new puppy. Our list of names will give you the chance to choose from many different ones which includes both traditional and unique dog names. Have a look around and see if you find a fun and exciting name for your new Chihuahua.

Our G-Female Chihuahua Name Lists…

Gia: This little Chi is really cute and has a nice personality. Looking for peace and tranquility, this fun loving girl is very hardworking, energetic and organized. Good for a Chi that’s not afraid to get her paws dirty.

chihuahua cuti

Gigi: This sensitive creature often devolves emotion that turns into various physical expressions. A terrific name for the pooch that is misunderstood by many except those who really understand the intricacies of her complicated and creative mind.

Goddess: A fabulous name for the pooch so beautiful, brilliant, and wholesome that she is unlike any other dog in the world. This girl dog possesses some sort of rare spiritual element that cannot be defined at present.

Goldilocks: Goldilocks is a superb name for a nice golden haired pooch. This pup likes to take things that don’t belong to her. So don't leave your nice shoes unattended with this shoe diva.

Giggles: For the Chi with amazing and dazzling eyes, Giggles is a cute name for a Chihuahua with a bubbly personality. This cuddly puppy means the world to you, with his fun filled character with endless amusement.

Gorgeous: Choose this name for the Chi that makes you stare because of her beauty. This girl's beauty is not only skin deep, but it is also lies within the soul waiting to come out to the surface.

Gabbi Georgette Godiva
Gabby Georgina Golda
Gabor Geraldine Go-Go
Gabrielle Gertrude Grace
Gaetana Geri Granada
Gail Gigi Grandeur
Ganja Ginsing Greer
Garbo Ginger Greta
Gatsby Gipsy Girl Gretchen
Gazelle Girly Gretel
Gemini Giovanna Gucci
Gemma Giselle Guliana
Genie Gismo Guinevere
Genesis Givenchy Guinness
Geneva Glamour Gumball
Genna Governess Gwen

Our H-Female Chihuahua Name Lists…

Halona: This Native American name means "One of Happy Fortune" and is perfect for the fun loving pooch that brings you both happiness and good fortune. Your little girl will love this name.

Happy: Cheerful and overly joyous all the time, Happy is the name for the Chihuahua that is always in a good mood. She can put people in a good mood just by interacting with her.

Heart: She is beautiful, and everyone totally loves her. This Chi has no enemies, but she is prone to making some mistakes at times. She is one attractive beast that everyone is crazy about.

Heaven: Heaven is the name for the girl who loves everything about life, but isn’t afraid of the afterlife. This pooch can see things in a different way, and she always wants to get your hopes up by doing something she likes.

Huntress: Choose this name for your very skilled and wonderful Chihuahua. This girl will love you, give you kisses, and trails her way right into your heart! A terrific name for the dog that hunts or chases your kids around the house.

Harley: This moniker is for the pooch that blazes her way across the house with excitement just to see you each time you come home. She will always be there for you. A cute name for the dog that dreams of the open road.

Haley Henrietta Hildemar
Halo Hera Holiday
Happy Hermosa Hollis
Harlot Herschel Holly
Harlow Hershey Hollywood
Harmony Hesper Honey
Havana Hester Honeybee
Hazel Hestia Honeybud
Heather Hibernia Honor
Heidi Hiccup Hope
Helen Hilary Hosanna
Helga Hilda Hubba Hubba
Heloise Hildegarde Hunter


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