Funny Chihuahua Names
For The Little Dog With A Big Dog Attitude

Although there are many cute and even funny Chihuahua names out there to choose from, why not give your Chi a name that reflects it’s size or demeanor?

Certain traits of the Chihuahua gives added potential in possibilities from which to select. Some Chi owners like to pick a word which sounds small in order to represent their pet’s tiny size. Just as many owners of these spirited little pups, like to select a name which sounds large, to represent this pups big dog attitude.

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In the following suggestions for some possible names, you’ll find two sections: one for smallish sounding dog names and another with BIG sounding dog names.

While this isn’t your usual list of names, it will help you think of things you might call your Chi if you select based on it’s small size, or on the way the pooch sees himself or herself: as a really BIG dog with a confident attitude. Check out both sections of unusual Chihuahua names before you decide which is best for you four-legged friend:

Funny Chihuahua Names That Sound SMALL

Baby: This is the perfect choice for a little lady who deserves a dainty little ID. Your pup will be baby-like in its size for life. If you want a bit sassier turn on the word, use “Babe” instead.

Bugsy: This choice is great as a masculine moniker since it brings to mind the huge, beautiful eyes of this breed. This name also has a gangster quality to it, and all gangsters have attitudes.

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Dewdrop: Referring to a drop a dew hanging upon a blade of grass or leaf, this funny Chihuahua name reflects the mini-pooch’s size and its glistening personality.

Dinky: This is a slang term which refers to anything small in size. Chi’s are a toy breed, and among the smallest canines popular as house pets. This choice suits a boy or girl equally well.

Kewpie Doll: These small novelty dolls were once extremely popular as carnival prizes and gifts. The darling little faces painted on the small dolls have since become quite valued collector’s items. This retro name would be great for your little lady.

Atom Jitterbug Snip
Bambi Jot Snow
Bangle Lil Boy Sparky
Bonbon Little Lady Speck
Chip Midge Stitch
Crouton Mimi Tadpole
Crumb Mittens Teensy
Dab Nibbles Tickles
Dash Pee Wee Tinkerbelle
Dot Pickles Tiny
Dribble Pixel Tipsy
Fifi Putt Putt Wee One
Genie Rain
Itzy Shorty Wanda

Names That Sound BIG

Apollo: The name of the rocket series which took man to the moon and back, these enormous rockets remain the largest single objects launched into space from Kennedy Space Center. This cool and clever name is great for a gentleman pooch with a big, big personality.

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Boundless: A word meaning “vast, without limits”, this really big name reflects your little pet’s spirit and attitude. You’ll find your canine pal has a spirit that just never ends and a vast ability to love…and at times brawl if he isn’t careful!

Denali: The name of a huge and beautiful park in Alaska, as well as an oversized SUV made by General Motors. This funny Chihuahua name conjures up visions of canine vastness.

Rowdy: This funny Chihuahua name brings to mind a large, out-of-control, free spirit likely to get into fights at the least provocation. Your little Chi is likely to have just this attitude and may be more than willing to take on opponents of much larger size if not watched carefully.

Yeti: Another name for the Abominable Snowman, whether myth or factual mystery, this large unfound creature is also known as “Big Foot”, making this a short name for a small dog that thinks he or she is huge.

Alaska Gorilla Moose
Big Bite Hades Nebula
Bugaboo Hercules Norse
Bulldozer Ivan Onyx
Chewbacca Jumbo Ox
Danger Kong Rocky
Devil League Realm
Desperado Mega Stallone
Dragon Lady Magnum Texan
Everest Majestic Titan
Gargantuan Monolith Ule
Gigabyte Montana Yukon

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