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If you are a new Chi owner and are searching eagerly for a few female Mexican Chihuahua names for when the little one comes home, you are in the right place. Most Chihuahua names today sound too common, and it is very rare that you find a few unique names after spending hours searching. But you’ve found a solution as you are in the perfect place to find a special name to give your little girl from our list of female Mexican Chihuahua names.

You might wonder if these names will sound too weird to your dog or friends when calling your puppy, but when you think about it Mexican names and English names are not too different. Also, you will be giving your pooch a name that reflects her heritage and culture. If you're looking for some female Mexican Chihuahua names, then have a look at this list of cool names and meanings for your dog.

Our Female Mexican Chihuahua Name Lists

Almirah: Meaning princess, this identifier would be perfect for a noble girl dog. This girl is known for her imagination and creativity. A cute name for the pooch that has a very attractive and magnetic personality.

Arcelia: This cute Mexican name is perfect for the Chihuahua that has a strong belief in her own abilities and demands honesty and truth from those around her. A unique name for the dog that fails to recognize her own capabilities and doesn't trust very easily.

Anacaona: Meaning "Golden Flower" this would make a cute fit for your Chi puppy. This little gal is mature and independent with a strong mental stability, agility, and experience. Anacaona is the name for the well disciplined, well meaning and intelligent Chi.

female mexican chihuahua name

Citlali: This would make a cute female Mexican Chihuahua name for the dog that rises with the stars. Meaning "Rising Star" this pooch is always watching throughout the night. Intruders beware.

Esmeralda: Meaning "Emerald" this cute Mexican name is for the Chihuahua that is very patient with people. This girl dog has a deep sense of purpose, which makes her very desirable and successful. Your pooch would love this name.

Esperanza: Give this name to your pooch to symbolize the renewed hope that she has given you. Always by your side this dog is extremely trustworthy and quite reliable and confident.

Hermosa: This pick is only for the beautiful dog. Hermosa is positive and has an extremely dynamic personality. A cute pick for the very beautiful dog that is very passionate and excited.

Izel: Give this moniker to the dog that is the only one in your life. This pooch is demanding and doesn't get satisfied until she has achieved all that she desires. A wonderful name for the dog that can get vindictive and jealous if she believes someone is trying to steal you away.

Izydora: Meaning gift, this Mexican name is for the pooch that was a gift. This lady has an adventurous streak which takes her to different places every day. A wonderful name for the dog that loves to travel and explore.

Karime: This pick would work well for the cute dog. Meaning "the Attractive One" the pooch bearing this name will be the envy of all. A cute moniker for the dog that is the desire of others.

Luminosa: Choose this identifier as the name for your brilliant Chihuahua. This pooch pays attention to every detail in life and is ambitious. A superb name for the dog whose strong points will take her a long way in life. She is your little lamp.

Maravilla: Meaning admirable, this Mexican name is another great pick for a female Chihuahua dog. This dog likes disciplined and orderly people. Maravilla is feminine but don't believe she is meek or fragile, because although she is small she is actually very strong.

For Even More Mexican Name Suggestions…

Adriana Carmelita Milana
Alejandra Corázon Paloma
Alicia Delmar Ramona
Ana Evita Reina
Angelica Graciela Ria
Aracel Inca Rosa
Aura Inez Rosalinda
Beila Isabel Rosario
Beatriz Isabella Rumba
Bonita Jacinta Samba
Charo Juanita Sancha
Chiquita Justina Paz
Conchita Larena Paola
Corona Lisbon
Cielo Lucia
Consuela Marquita

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