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Finding female Chihuahua names can be easy because these loveable small pooches are such popular pets, having become even more popular in the last few years. Those huge round eyes and large pointed years make them hard to resist the desire to dress your little girl in a cute pink doggie outfit. Of course, you want your lady to have a dazzling name to match her fashionable wardrobe.

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When choosing a name for your four legged companion, think of her personality so you can choose the perfect name. Available with both long and short hair, you’ll find a variety of coat colors but the common factor is the sparkling personality. Sometimes they think they are big dogs and will challenge canines much larger than themselves, so perhaps an energetic sounding name, or one that reflects her confident attitude might make a good choice.

Also, choose a female Chihuahua name that will suit your entire family well. Keep in mind that this name will be used to call her to dinner or to get her attention thousands of times over the years so choose one you won’t come to regret later.

Our Female Chihuahua Name Lists

Aadi: Prounced “A-da”, this word is Sanskirt for “first”. This is a great female Chihuahua name to call your favorite little lady.

Aja: Pronounced the same as “Asia”, this name choice will not only reflect the beauty of the far east, but also the beauty of your pups personality.

female chihuahua names

Beka: Meaning “beautiful”, this name is perfect for your gorgeous little four-legged pal. She already knows she is gorgeous but you can reinforce her self-esteem each time you call her.

Blanca: This female Chihuahua name means “white” in Spanish and would be the perfect choice for any light coated Chi, and/or for one that's proud of her heritage.

Bliss: This term refers to extreme happiness, and your female dog will bring so much happiness into your life with her sweet personality and love of cuddling.

Bonsai: This term refers to a tree which has been grown to be very small and your little girl is a very small, toy sized pet. This could be a unique moniker that other pooches in the neighborhood will likely not share making it easy for your female Chi to know when you are calling her.

Destiny: Meaning “fate”, you’ll know that you located and adopted your very special, sweet little lady pooch because it was destiny that you be bonded as best friends.

Electra: Choose this female chihuahua names because your Chi has a shining personality and electric energy. It sounds exotic and fits the breed personality perfectly.

Ruby: A semi-precious gemstone, you’ll love your pooch so much that she will become like a valued gem in your daily life. The stone is red, so it is even more perfect for a pooch with a reddish brown coat.

Sophia: Sophia Loren is renowned as one of the most beautiful women to have ever become a star of the silver screen. Your lady Chi is no less beautiful to you that this exotic-looking actress. Choose this name to let her beauty be recognized each time you speak the word.

A Few Other Female Chi Name Categories

  • Cool Female Names: For hip Chi's only!
  • Cute Female Names: Cute names for the ladies
  • Funny Female Names: For humorous name ideas
  • Unique Female Names: For one of a kind pups like yours
  • Unusual Female Names: Why settle for an ordinary name?
  • Mexican Female Names: Celebrate your girls heritage
  • Spanish Female Names: Beautiful names imported from Spain

  • April Gravy Nicky
    Avis Gypsy Olivia
    Augusta Happy Pagent
    Babs Harley Priscilla
    BeeBee Honesty Prism
    Benitta Inca Queenie
    Cami Izabeth Quasar
    Callie Jackie Rainy
    Dainty Jailia Roxie
    Darla Joyce Sapphire
    Devine Kandice Shimmer
    Emily Lassie Tatina
    Erin Liz Ulma
    Fannie Lolita Vanda
    Frilly Marta Vixen
    Filly Maleena Wonder
    Gabby Neva Zesty

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