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There are tons of cute Chihuahua names, in fact, so many you might have difficulty choosing the perfect one for your new cute Chi.

You could select one that suits the species and its small body size and combination of large ears and eyes, or you could select one that sounds cute or holds any type of special meaning for you or which you like the way the word sounds. Do try to avoid picking one which might result in the poking of fun at your pet or other forms of harassment; these are sensitive creatures. Instead, select a name suitable for your dog’s entire life as your dearly beloved canine companion.

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Some Chihuahuas or Chi’s as they are frequently called, think they are big dogs and can win any fight, no matter the opponent’s size. Keeping this in mind, perhaps giving your Chi a big sounding name like Apollo, or Chewbacca from Star Wars, or even a small sounding name would be cute, like Atom, or Peanut or even Buttercup.

Regardless of which naming route you choose, you’ll need a selection to help make your search easier which is where our Cute Chihuahua names suggestions below comes in.

Our Cute Chihuahua Name Lists

Amigo: This term means “friend” and has a cute, simple sound. It will describe well the relationship you have with your little furry friend and best suits a male pooch.

Bandito: Referring to the Hispanic term for “bandit”, it means “thief”. While your darling four legged buddy is probably not a thief, the cute sound of this choice makes it a very good selection.

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Bongo: The term of an African animal which moves by jumping rather than walking, it also means a somewhat crazy-acting person. It is also the term for a specific type of percussion musical instrument. The word may appeal to you since your pooch will certainly have some crazy antics to show you during its life with you.

Charo: The stage name of a loony blonde comedienne, this would fit a blond or tan female Chi perfectly. Your Chi’s antics may well be just as zany as those of the human Charo.

ChiChi: Doubling the nickname of this breed, Chi, into this cutest Chihuahua name makes it suitable for male or female. It is easy to say and easy for your pooch to hear and respond to. It is also a common Mexican or Spanish nickname and these pooches hail from the Latin lands of origin.

Chimi: This is a short form of the Mexican food, Chimichunga, the sound is short, cute, and fits the Mexican origin of the breed. Another short form of this word might be Chunga (pronounced Ch-an-GA) if you prefer.

Dart: Referring a piece used to a game played with a target and pointed, arrow-guided darts to toss at the target, as a pooch’s moniker would be used to refer to the fact that these little pets tend to dart around the owner’s feet during walks and playful romps.

Daring: Known as a breed with a “little dog – big dog” syndrome, the breed is so daring it will attach any size of canine with little provocation. Why not use this attribute to create a cute Chihuahua name for your best friend?

Fifi: Commonly thought of as a poodle moniker, it can apply just as easily as a cute girl Chi’s moniker. It really has no specific meaning except that it is an interesting sounding term and may be the feminine form of “Fido”.

Zany: Referring to the crazy, fun, cute antics of this small breed of canine, this can be a great boy companion’s moniker. If you would like a short form, then choose “Zane” which is also the first name of a famous author of Western adventures, Zane Grey.

Other Cute Chihuahua Name Ideas

Cute Boy Chi Names: Only for the cutest of the cute

Cute Girl Chi Names: Cute ideas for the ladies

Abbie Dozer Jazzy
Abe Eagle Jimbo
Arnie Elf Jolly
Asia Elsie Jules
Basic Ember Killer
Babe Fabian Klingon
Banshee Favre Ladybug
Barker Fallow Liza
Boo Flapper Lolly
Bounder Flip Markley
Chamomile Flops Misty
Chelsea Giggles Night
Chong Grins Nougat
Curly-Q Gladys Ovid
Dancer Hassock Oz
Dandy Hadley Piper
Dagger Harmon Racer
Disney Elise Vamp

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