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If you own a dog originating from the Chihuahua breed, you might want to consider cute boy Chihuahua names that fit this breed's culture. Choosing cute Chihuahua dog names for your dog is no less realistic than choosing a normal name for a collie or a German shepherd. Of course, you would have to first identify what distinctive traits this dog has, and then find a few cute names that highlight this trait. Or you can just pick a name because it is cute and you like it.

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There are two main types of Chihuahua dogs, you have the long coat that is the one with the fluffy coat, and you have the short coat dogs, which have less hair. The Chihuahua is one of the smallest breeds of dogs. This breed is strong-willed or stubborn and can be prone to cause mischief if you make too many demands from an early stage. Chihuahuas epitome is that of a "big character in a small body", which is why the breed is so popular. Here are some of the best cute boy Chihuahua names that are not only cute but make some great names.

Angelo: This name should be given to the pooch that symbolizes goodness, purity, protection, comfort and solace. This Chi is always trying to protect you, so you need to pay careful attention to the message that Angelo is trying to channel.

Atom: This pick would work great with the little boy, that will help you to push yourself to the limits. Atom has this great desire to help you achieve something which you thought you could not do. A cute boy Chihuahua name for the pooch that helps you to extend yourself to the last molecule.

Atlas: Choose this moniker for the boy dog that will carefully draw out his plans before undertaking any changes or journey in his life. This pooch relies on a higher force (you) to guide him toward his goals. A cute name for the pooch that is on the right path toward personal development.

Bits: Choose this name for the pooch that is smaller than the usual dogs. This puppy has an inflated ego and needs to be taught a lesson. A great name for the dog that does not like being overlooked for anything.

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Doodle: Doodle is a very cute boy Chihuahua name that you can give to your Chi to symbolize his clarity, strength in subtlety, steadfastness, and glamour. This pooch is like a diamond, guarantee a pre-eminence among gems. A perfect fit for the precious dog.

Fiddle: The stringed instrument that looks much like a violin, Fiddle is the perfect name for your beautiful dog. This boy dog is a lively youngster that can seem to be everywhere at once! A wonderful name for the precocious dog that is also quite a chatterbox.

Gumball: Friendly and bright and alert this little dog reminds you of that tiny piece of gum. Gumball is very inquisitive and will want to explore anything that takes his interest, which makes the name a great pick for your curious dog.

Micro: Meaning small, this cute name should be given to the dog that has the freedom to explore and investigate. Micro needs to be free, so he can follow his many interests at once. A great name for the dog that loves to change direction.

Midget: Midget is the moniker for the dog that is well-grounded and connected to nature and the earth. This boy is a pleasant character, sometimes a little shy. Midget dislikes being the centre of attention but respond well to affection.

Peanut: This little brown dog will work steadily at a task until he has completed it. This pooch should not be forced to do something he hates because he will turn stubborn and can hold his ground for a very long time.

Spock: Give this name to your Chihuahua as a way to refer to his high intelligence and calm personality. This boy enjoys getting hugs and kisses as it helps to melt all his resistance. A great name for the Chi that’s a Star Trek fan.

Yoda: The most powerful Jedi to ever grace the order, this moniker is ideal for the Chihuahua with a wisdom and knowledge of force is unmatched by anything. A cute boy Chihuahua name for a wise or seemingly all-knowing dog.

Ace Beans Eli
Adonis Caesar Ellington
Aiden Cairo Hal
Aspire Caleb Hailey
A.J. Caliber Jazz
Ajax Calloway Magnum
Akira Calvin Rio
Baba Dalton Saber
Babe Digger Sake
Bach Dillon Salem
Bacon Doc Sam
Bailey Damian Tad
Baja Eddie Target
Bandit Edgar Taro
Banjo Edge Tarzan
Barker Einstein Taz

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