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If you’re looking for cool Chihuahua names then you’ve come to the right page. We’ve assembled a list of some of the most cool Chihuahua puppy names in the doggie kingdom. We’re not sure if there really is a doggie kingdom out there, but we think there should be. And when it’s found, we’re confident that many of the dogs there will have names chosen from the lists below!

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For those of you who already own a Chi, we’re sure you agree that make great pets. They are small enough to easily fit into apartment life and don’t require huge yards for playtime. They do like a nice long walk and some time to run. They appreciate lots of attention and snuggling. Watch for larger dogs though, because your Chi believes it is larger and meaner than any other dog out there, and they might want to take it on for a fight. That’s why they are called “big dogs in small bodies”.

Chi’s love their family members but can be a little annoyed with strangers, even to the point of nipping or biting. They like relaxed situations and sometimes hyper children can cause them to strike out. Still, they are one of the most popular four legged companions today, which qualifies them in our book, as being cool!

Our Cool Chihuahua Name Lists

Cheech: A take-off on the term “Chi”, and the name of one-half of the famous comedy team Cheech and Chong, this would be the perfect cool Chihuahua name for your little boy pup.

Bruno: What makes this choice so cool is the fact that Chi’s are known as big dogs in little dog bodies, willing to take on any size threat without thinking twice. It is not only a neat name idea, but very appropriate for a male pup.

Dogee: Pronounced “Doggie”, this cool Chihuahua puppy name will please your pup as well as you. It suits either gender perfectly and is a real winner among neat names for your four–legged best friend.

Mexi: The short form of the country of origin of these toy breed dogs, your pooch, either male or female, would love to be called by this word.

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Nogales: Chi’s come from Mexican heritage and this small town at the border of the U.S. and Mexico would make a great choice for a cool and different name for your male or female pooch.

Nacho: A popular snack in America and Mexico alike, it is made from tortilla chips, salsa, cheese and jalapeño peppers. The word would make a great cool Chihuahua name for a spicy male or female pooch.

Paolo: This masculine Spanish name sounds neat and is uncommon so not every pooch on the block will share the moniker. It means Paul in English but in Spanish, it sounds very unique and appealing.

Poncho: Poncho Villa was a folk hero of the Mexican people which would be a perfect choice for your best friend. It best suits a boy pup rather than a girl.

Taco: A favorite South of the Border food among both American and native Mexicans, this term would bring to mind a tasty treat as well as the heritage of your male or female canine buddy.

Tequila: A popular drink make from a special succulent cactus-like plant, it is used to make margaritas and other alcoholic drinks. Be careful not to let your little Tequila get behind the wheel though! This name works for boys or girls.

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Other groovy name ideas include

Abilene Dio Iggy
Arnez Fanciful Jose
Axel Fandango Jaquil
Blanco Frijita Jasmine
Bravo Frijole Jagger
ChiChi Gazelle King
Carmine Gambler K9
Charro Giselle Neon
Chiritto Glamor Outlaw
Calamity Hasty Saber
Classy Hillary Spirit
Damien Hombre Turbo
Dancer Honcho Terminator
Dapper Hoss Woodstock
Diego lcarus Zyphyr

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