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Welcome to our Chihuahua puppy names page. These small pooches, as pups, tend to be very high-energy pets but, upon entering mid-life or their elder years, the level of energy may wane significantly. If you properly care for the health of your short-haired pup, you’ll have a wonderful, loving companion for years to come. Take care that he or she does not get in fights with larger dogs because your Chihuahua can be seriously injured; they will take on big dogs, apparently believing they're just as big.

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This breed is considered to be “toy” sized, with a body a bit longer than the pooch’s height. With an apple-shaped skull, they are born with soft spot atop the head, just like humans, which must be protected from injury and which should close up as the canine grows. Your companion will have huge eyes which will remain large all its life, giving it the expressiveness these pets are known for. Your pet’s long tail will curve over its back, while helps balance the very big ears and create that darling, cute appearance which makes this breed so popular.

The nickname “Chi” is often applied to this breed especially among those who are fans of the breed. Chi’s are available with short or long coats, the longer haired coats being wavy and silky in most cases. Numerous color combination's are available including silver, sand, steel, fawn, black and tan Doberman-like coloring and patches of color called parti-color besides the common black, white, and black and white combination's.

Our Chihuahua Puppy Name Lists

Abby: This Chihuahua puppy name is a great girl’s name but surprisingly means “head of a monastery”. In many cultures, the name can be used for either gender since a monastery is obviously directed by a male monk of high regard.

Abe: This is the short form of Abraham, meaning “father of a multitude”. In several of this planet’s major religions, Abraham is, in fact, the father of many nations. This simple Chihuahua puppy name will make it easy for your pooch to learn its moniker.

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Bambi: Well known as the darling small deer from the age-old Disney movie, this word means “little girl” in Italian and is perfect for these small lady pups.

Barney: Short form of Barnabas, which has a Hebrew origin meaning “son of consolidation”, this Chihuahua puppy name is also associated with a cute cartoon dinosaur by kids today. It is simple enough for your pet to easily associate with it and respond quickly when called.

Bea: Meaning “voyager through life”, this simple name is easy to say and easy for your female pooch to understand. It is pronounced just like the second letter of the alphabet.

Caesar: Meaning “ruler”, this word can be a great choice for a small male pooch with the big personality this breed is well known as presenting. They will, if permitted, attempt to completely rule their world.

Ebony: Meaning “black” or “jet”, this term is a wonderful choice if your pet is black coated or mainly black coated. The word has a unique sound and not every other pooch in the park will come when you call yours by its moniker. It works for either male or female pet just fine.

Kate: Having its origins in the Greek language, this term means “pure”. This breed of dog tends to be pure of heart and shows their feelings, both positive and negative, quite readily.

Mex: A short form of Mexico, the country most associated with these small pups and the United State’s southern neighbor, this choice will likely make your pooch happy to be called.

Star: This cute pet Chihuahua names refers to the stars in the sky. Because of the huge eyes which are part of this breed’s physical attributes, you’ll see light reflect in your pet’s eyes as if those eyes were full of stars.

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Cool Chi Puppy Names: For the coolest of cools

Aaron Gaston Nez
Andy Geller Nixon
Angie Hardy Oscar
Archer Hilda Pizza
Barkley Ivan Pepe
Bounds Ian Pez
Charmine Jack Quest
Cheech Jazz Randy
Chipper Karl Raven
Dapper Kylie Tate
Dazzle Lad Tommy
David Lara Vance
Ebineezer Levi Violet
Ellie Maggie Whisper
Fame Melvin Wookie
Flip Misty Zig Zag
Flower Nate Zypher

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