Chihuahua Dog Names
Choosing The Perfect Name The First Time

When time to pick from among the many appealing Chihuahua dog names to name your small dog, keep in mind that your pup will hear this word every day for the rest of its life, perhaps as many as 30,000 times in its lifetime.

These little pups tend to be energetic companions when young, but may become calmer and sometimes chubbier as they reach mid life and later in life, so your energy-based moniker selection, “Spunky” for example, could be much less fitting once your pet matures and ages. Your goal should be to select a name which is short and simple, pleasant on both the ear and tongue, distinctive enough that every other dog in the park will not answer when you call your pet.

A Few Tips When Choosing A Chihuahua Name

1. Avoid choosing a Chihuahua dog name which might be suitable when your small breed is a young pup but will not fit so well once it has aged to an adult. Too often, a chosen name comes to be regretted, so choose carefully. As much as 20% of owners, within the first year, want to go back and select a different title to call their pooches.

chihuahua dog names

2. Avoid choices based solely on size since these pooches are usually slim and trim while young but, if not exercised consistently, often develop weight issues. Since they do not grow tall, if you select based on their small bodies, you should be in good territory because it is not as much of a problem with this small breed as with some breeds. Consider the canine which was a tiny pup and called “Lil Bit” only to grow into a massively tall, strong dog.

3. Avoid a Chihuahua dog name which will result in your pup being picked on by children or rude grownups. Canines are sensitive creatures and are quite aware of when they are being made fun of.

4. Never stick your beloved pooch with a choice which can easily be associated with or, by changing one or even two letters, easily be turned into a rude or profane word. Select a choice which doesn’t have multiple meanings if some of those meanings could be used in a negative way. Bullying children are almost certain to catch on to anything of this nature and use it against your pet.

5. If adopting a shelter pet, which is a wonderful, inexpensive way to obtain a loving, often already trained and housebroken companion that might have been euthanized had you not rescued him or her, try to learn the pooch’s name and, if learned, keep the same selection. It is much easier to get the pet to respond by hearing his or her own name than having to learn one which is brand new to it.

6. When choosing Chihuahua dog names, avoid naming your pup after one of your friends. While you may consider it a means of honoring your friend, your friend may not agree. Besides, what if they are both inside your home at the same time? Neither will know which is being addressed when you speak the assigned choice.

7. Let your pet tell you the moniker it wants. If you observe your Chihuahua for a day or two, you’ll find yourself naturally calling it pet words when you communicate. If one particular word or phrase generates your pet’s interest each time it is spoken, that might well be his or her name. Often, these small dogs will tilt the head in attentive rapture when you speak a word they enjoy hearing.

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chihuahua dog names
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