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When choosing your C-D female Chihuahua names, we recommend you find a name that represents your dog’s petite size and huge personality. Because although Chihuahuas are tiny little dogs, they are a very lively dog breed that love their owners dearly. These lovable pooches are the smallest dog breed in the world which can get nippy when mishandled. So if you are one of the many proud owners of a cute Chihuahua, here are some unique and cute C-D female Chihuahua names for your little pooch.

Our C-Female Chihuahua Name Lists…

Cajun: One of the coolest sets of people in the world that makes some of the best food, Cajun is a wonderful name for your small pooch. This Chihuahua will let people believe that she is mischievous and devilish, especially when she is at her auditions. A spicy name for your spicy girl.

Candy: The name of one of the sweetest substances ever, Candy is a fantastic name for a really sweet dog! Made of 100% sugar, this girl can come in all flavors.

Caramel: A beautiful a creamy pup, but one that’s the perfect blend of sugar and spice. Everyone loves caramel, and will love a pup by this name as well.

Cassandra: A fantastic name for one of the most amazing Chihuahuas that you have ever seen. This pooch was the cutest, kindest, and the most perfect of the litter. Like the prophetess Cassandra the Trojan princess, this girl is a real beauty.

long haired chi pup

Cecile: Choose this name for your insanely cute and beautiful girl dog. This little lady is very sweet, addictive, and you love her more than you should even though she is not supposed to be good for you.

Chanel: Perfect for the girl that is cute, short, and a bit of a diva. Chanel has a smoky, mischievous bark that says life's a game, so we might as well laugh. Like the famous perfume itself, this girl makes life a fragrant experience.

Cuddles: A wonderful Chihuahua, this girl is a pacifist. This simple yet complex pooch is beautiful both inside and out. Her loving nature and kind hearted spirit is what tends to draw people near. A fitting name for the dog that all other pooches are jealous of.

Cadence Chloe Clarissa
Candice Chocolate Cloud
Candy Cholo Constance
Cara Cleopatra Consuela
Cairo Coco Cookie
Carleene Coconut Corona
Carlota Cocopuff Crimson
Caitlen Cody Crissy
Chandra Cognac Critter
Chalupa Colette Crybaby
Charo Colleen Crystal
China Claire Cuddles
Chip Clara Cupcake
Chiquita Clarabel Cutie Pie
Cinderella Clarice Cypress

Our D-Female Chihuahua Name Lists…

Denali: A beautiful vision dog, with the dominant, yet charming personality. This striking beautiful Chihuahua gets a kick out of life with her fun and games. Named after the great park in Alaska, this pup is larger than life.

Damaris: Choose this name for your gentle and mild dog. Damaris is a Greek word meaning lady; and any Chihuahua with this name should be very classy, exquisite, sophisticated, and refined. A wonderful name for the dog that is as nice as an angel.

Destiny: This identifier is perfect for the pooch that believes that life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences. She believes that it was a series of events and an exquisite sublime plan that brought you both together. She will bring you fortune.

Destra: This little creature seems to contain the magical property that keeps drawing people closer to her. A wonderful name for the dog that is deemed to be the protector of your home and young children.

Dixie: This Chihuahua has a beautiful grin that will put you totally at peace. However, this girl dog occasionally uses it when she is up to something mischievous. A fabulous name for a blonde coat dog.

Dolly: A beautiful and legendary girl who's the life and soul of your home, Dolly is the dog that all your friends want to befriend. This Chi wants total freedom and helps you to be yourself. Although she might occasionally give in to your friends, she'll always be there to cheer you up.

Dagmar Dawn Devin
Dahlia Dazzle Dinky
Daisy Debutante Diva
Damsel Dee-Dee Dora
Dandy Delia Dora-Mae
Darlene Delilah Dodie
Davina Delores Dubai
Dancer Delphi Duchess
Danette Delta Duce
Danica Demi Duzzie
Darlene Dessire Dusty
Darling Destiny Dweeb


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