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Brown Chihuahua names, for those who want a name that’s different, should give consideration to a name that reflects the color and personality of your little pal. Being one of the most popular breeds of toy dogs, your Chi deserves a name that reflects it’s uniqueness.

Brown Chis can be solid in color or have markings of other colors on their coats such as white, black, tan or even several different colors. Brown and tan Chis are the most common colors for coats of these beautiful little Mexican-heritage pups.

You’ll want to pick a moniker that is unusual so that not every other dog around will share the same word as an identifier. Yet, you want to choose a word which is not so unusual that it can’t be pronounced or one that rhymes with a curse word or something negative. Here are some choices for brown Chihuahua names from which to select:

Our Brown Chihuahua Name Lists

BonBon: A chocolate edible treat, these rich candies reflect the dog’s coat color as well as the rich friendship and love you will have. Perfect for these toys dogs, it can be applied to a boy or girl pup.

Brownie: A confection treat made from chocolate or cocoa has a brown color, making it a great selection for your little beloved pet. Males or females can benefit by this selection and it reflects the dog’s coat color very well.

brown chihuahua name

Cocoa: This luscious chocolate drink is brown in color because of the cocoa content. A real treat on cool evenings or just before bedtime, the drink is often served with miniature marshmallows for an added touch. This choice works well for either gender of Chihuahua.

Dusky: The evening becomes brownish as daylight wanes. This time of day is called dusk and would be a great moniker for your pup. Any Chi of either gender would be proud to be called by this term when you want him or her to respond to your call.

French Fry: These golden brown or tan potato treats are loved by nearly everyone. Reflect your love of these potatoes by calling your pet by this moniker. He or she will love being identified by these words and probably will want to share your fries, but they are too high in fat and salt for many to be consumed. But that shouldn’t stop you!

Gardener: Referring to the brown soil used in gardening, this moniker can fit either gender well. If your pooch loves to dig holes, it makes the choice even more appropriate for your best friend.

Peanut: Here’s the perfect brown Chihuahua puppy name, for a small dog that’s got a nutty personality.

Sandy: Beach sand ranges from white to tan to drown. Most commonly, sand is tan in color and you can show your love of the sea shore by choosing this tan Chihuahua name for your girl or boy pup. He or she will love your choice.

Tawny: Meaning “tan” this term would be a wonderful call signal for either a male or female pooch. Suitable for the coat color, it's a pleasant name and easy for your pup to learn and respond too when called.

More Brown Chihuahua Names

Auburn Caramel Latte
Autumn Chip Peanut
Aspen Chestnut Pine
Bark Chewbacca Pooh
Bay Chocolate Puddles
Beans Clay Roan
Bear Cocoa Puff Russett
Bronze Eskimo Bar Shade
Brown Boy Garbanzo Sierra
Brown Girl Godiva Sorrell
Brownie Golden Tanner
Cashew Goldie Tea
Caramel Hershey Teak
Chip Hummus Mocha
Chestnut Kahlua Umber

Additional Brown Chihuahua Name Ideas

brown ch
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