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Boy Chihuahua names are easy enough to come by, but finding interesting and unique names takes a little more time and research. The important thing to keep in mind for your young Chihuahua pup is that although he is a cute, cuddling little guy now, you want to choose a name that he can enjoy into his adult years. The great part about Chihuahuas is that they do not grow much from the puppy years to full maturity, so they will always retain that youthful, small quality.

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“Chi's” are unique because of their looks, as well as their distinct personality traits. They seem capable of always capturing their owners’ hearts, especially with their loyalty and even protective nature. And what’s not to love about their sweet, small features with big, pointy ears? Especially when they are pups and their ears nearly take over their bodies!

There are several factors to consider when choosing the perfect name, but most important is the reason you selected that dog. What stuck out about their personality, or their looks that you just can’t forget? Perhaps you might want to consider your own personality traits when naming the dog too, as many dogs start to take after their owners over the years.

Our Boy Chihuahua Name Lists

Astro: A great boy Chihuahua name for a little pup that is out of this world! This dog is your absolute best companion and will go everywhere with you for their life.

Curry: Chis are known for their vivacious, and even “spicy” personalities, so why not use a name that suggests humor in your energetic little guy.

Elliott: This sweet boy dog feels an immediate connection to you from the minute you pick him out at the pet store or the pound, and is always grateful for your love and affection.

boy chihuahua name

Fletch: This little guy is fun-loving and full of endless amounts of energy. He is always wagging his tail and ready for some romping when you walk through the door.

Laser: A good boy Chihuahua name if you feel like you are always chasing your quick, little pet throughout the neighborhood, this is a perfect name!

Pinto: This name is originally associated with a mountainous tribe of Mexican Native Americans, and would be a great fit for a dog of Mexican origin.

Theo: Cute, cute, and cute is the best way to describe this lovable little pooch. He has a sweet face that you absolutely cannot live without.

Tucker: Oh, this pup has the ability to tucker you out! He seems to have limitless energy, but a sweet nature about him that makes his requests for more love and attention hard to resist.

Yogi: If you are looking for a good name for a grounded, peaceful dog, or are a big yoga practitioner, this is the right name for your pooch.

Ziggy: This name is just right for the dog that is cool, calm, and collected. Nothing fazes him!

Other Boy Chihuahua Names For Consideration

Cool Boy Names: Hand chosen for their coolness

Cute Boy Names: More cute than cool, these names are the best

Adonis Franklin Orbit
Ali Fredo Ozzie
Arty Gadget Peewee
Banjo Geronimo Pepper
Bailey Gordie Rebel
Boomer Gizmo Roger
Clipper Hamlet Rosco
Chester Harvey Sammy
Chewy Harry Scooter
Carlito Ian Scotty
Carter Igloo Scampi
Dazzle Jetty Tommy
Dash Mambo Twister
Detour Mondo Turbo
Elliott Neon Yoyo
Elvis Nitro Zippo
Ervin Nog Wubbzy

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