by Monte Almendariz

We rescued my little Long coat tri colored Chihuahua a couple years ago at the age of 4. He became my service pet and I always said he rescued me back. Boogie had a rough beginning and some abuse before we adopted him. He was a biter and very aggressive at first. But , with a mix of love and gentle discipline he became my service pet. He was a sweetheart in public and stopped biting and being aggressive. I called him my soul mate. When he had napolean complex I called him Boogolean, he had a lot of little nicknames but Boogie fit him. I couldn't have named him anything more fitting myself. Unfortunately I lost my little Boogie on my Birthday on July 11th 2016 too soon. He was only 6 years old and was healthy but had some kind of stroke that was probably genetic. I took as good of care of him and had check ups, shots and all preventive care . I miss my little Boogie. I called him my BoogieMan, Boogie Woogie ,Boogs, Woogs and WooWoo . He knew all his little nicknames also had the middle name " Taquito " which fit him too. His name wasBoogoe Taquito Porter-Almendariz which was my daughters lastname and mine together and I couldn't change Porter because something about "Boogie Porter sounded good and I know it was hard for my daughter to sign him over to me. But, she knew it was what I needed and how far Boogie came in his behavior with Me as his Mama. He was a beautiful little Dog with a big beautiful personality. His unique tri coloring is hard to find and his one of a kind Soul will never be replaceable. I was surprised to not see "Boogie" on any list. I know it was a name that fits a special little Dog. If any one names there little fur baby Boogie expect to have a dog that wins over everyone he comes in contact with. My Doctor office and patients knew him, local grocery store v knew him and my parents actually wanted sleep overs with him lol, I would come with him but they truly wanted there grand doggy to visit. Silly , I know but everyone who knew Boogs , remembered him. The biting victims early on learned to trust him later on after I had trained him too. Sorry , this may be a long drawn out info on my Boogie but I am still devastated and think his name needs to be shared with the world.

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