Blue Chihuahua Names
Blue Names For Your Blue Chi

Blue Chihuahua names should reflect the beautiful color of these great little pooches. No, their color is not bright blue or even navy blue. Instead, their coats are a smoky grey with undertones of blue. The color is unique and especially appealing. The color becomes visible when two parent dogs, each with recessive genes for the blue coloration, mate. Because of this necessary genetic combination, the color is somewhat rare and not nearly as common as black, tan, or the other more common Chi colors.

Because there are a few health issues which can become apparent when two blue Chihuahuas breed, it is ill advised to ever pair two of these beauties. Problems can range from serious coat problems to more serious health concerns. While blues which are produced from parents with recessive genes are healthy and genetic problems extremely rare, never breed two visible blue Chi’s together.

You’ll want a special blue Chihuahua name for your little cutie. Here are some suggestions to consider:

Smokey: The color of smoke ranges from grey to blue and these shades are all present in your blue Chi. Choose this puppy name for either a little boy or little girl and your pet will be proud to be called by this work for all its life.

Sky: Commemorating the color on a clear day, or even on a grey day, this identifier can be used for boy or girl pooch but is most often associated with the feminine.

Sapphire: This female dog name comes from the name of the semi-precious blue gemstone. The birthstone of September, it would be especially appropriate for a little lady born in that month of the year, but any blue Chi would love the sound of the term.

Ocean: This moniker refers to the color of the lovely, appealing and relaxing tropical waters of the world’s seas and oceans. It’s a name you won’t hear called in the dog park by any other canine owners. It works equally well for male or female.

Blue Moon: A blue moon occurs any month in which there are two full moons during the same calendar month period. This would be a perfect unique id for your boy or girl pooch. You could call him or her “Moon” for short if you like.

Clues: A popular children’s educational yet fun television show is Blue’s Clues. Take the last part of the show title and turn it into a very unusual name for your own little blue. He or she will find clues on many ways to get into your heart – and everything else fun in the house.

Richey: This male name refers to the old term “blue blood” which mean wealthy and elite or royal. While it won’t be evident to others why you chose this name unless you share, you and your pup will understand that he is royalty in your home and heart.

Lapis: A semi-precious stone, Lapis Lazuli is a popular deep, dark blue stone used for jewelry and popular with many people who love the deep blue shade. This would make an uncommon moniker for your little pal.

Other Blue Chihuahua Names

Aqua Flame Ribbon
Ashes Granite Royal
Azure H2O Seal
Baby Blue Hue SeaBee
Beryl Icy Spicy
Blue Boy Indigo Star
Blue Girl Lake Stock
Blue Blood Lazuli Teal
Blue Marble Top Dog
Bond Marine True Blue
Cerulean Navy Turquoise
Cobalt Nobel Vermillion
First Prism Winner

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