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This is such a special breed that we felt they deserved their own chihuahua names site dedicated to bringing you just that, name ideas that reflect the uniqueness that only this breed possesses.

Are you looking for a cute name? a gender specific name? maybe one that reflects the fact that this breed is often referred to as "the little dog with the big dog attitude"? Then you've come to the right place.

The dog names on these pages are offered to fit all makes and models of Chihuahuas, thus giving you the most choices!

Where’s A Good Place To Start?
Here’s Some Ideas…

Should your Chihuahua live to the age of 15, his or her name will probably be used over 30,000 times, which makes choosing the right name, the first time so important! That’s why we highly recommend you starting off with reading our Naming Tips page. This page will give you pointers on choosing the best name in order to start your Chi off on the right paw!

chihuahua names

Once read, you can then venture into one of our many name categories for ideas. We have a gender specific Male Chihuahua Names page as well as a Female Chihuahua Names page just for the ladies.

Does your Chi have a certain flair about her? Or a panache that’s all his own? Then our Cool Names page might be just what the veterinarian ordered. Or maybe you’re looking for a name that reflects this breeds heritage. Since this breed hails from Mexico, take a gander at our Mexican Names dedicated to this breed for more ideas.

Our Funny Names page will open up a whole new bag of Kibbles when it comes to creative name ideas, and our Unusual Names page houses ideas that are…well…unusual.

Also, don’t forget to ask your Chi it's opinion, after all, he’s the one who is going to have to hear it 30,000 times!

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