Y-Z Male Chihuahua Names

Unique Names That Start With These Letters

Are you looking for Y-Z male Chihuahua names? Well, here are a few suggestions for you to check out for that new fellow of yours. Consider choosing from any of the many great Chihuahua puppy names below when you are making your decision. A lot of these name choices would make a fantastic name for that new boy puppy in your life even if they start with the letters Y or Z.

We know that choosing a puppy name is serious business, but we've included a little humor in the meaning to make your search a whole lot of fun. You only have one shot at this, and we want to help you get the name right.

Our Y-Male Chihuahua Name Lists…

Yahoo: Choose this name for the pooch with the beautiful merle coat. This handsome fellow has a great sense of humor and is absolutely adorable to be around. Your pet will welcome this choice, especially if you’re a fan of this popular search engine.

Yale: This name is perfect for a puppy that everyone likes and authority favors. He's very curious and comfortable around most people. A great name for the fantastic dog that doesn't take himself too seriously, or one that has a degree from this university.

Yani: This identifier is ideal for the Chihuahua with the dark fawn coat with some shadowing on him. This boy will love to be spoiled, especially by children. Also a good choice if your Chi loves music and is a fan of this popular New Age musician.

Yardley: Small, with some really pretty eyes, Yardley is a name for any handsome small breed dog. This is the pooch that most people love to hang out with, because most of the time he is adorable.

Yuma: Give this name to the wonderful companion that means the world to you. Loyal, reliable and balanced this fellow will never change. He is everything you could ever ask for and everything you'd ever need in a pet.

Yuri: This name would be perfect for a European Chihuahua. Spunky, intelligent and reliable Yuri would be a great working dog. This fellow can be seen moving busily to and fro in the house.

Yves: Choose this name for the pooch that has a super gorgeous tiny tricolor long coat. Beautiful and all, Yves will be your little pocket buddy, and he is sure to light up your life.

Yaakov Yeoman York
Yakim Yeller Yosemite Sam
Yale Yelper Yoshie
Yancy Yen You Too?
Yardley Yitzhak Yucatan
Yarrow Yippie Yucatan
Yates Yogi Yukon
Yaz Yoyo Yule
Yeager Yoda Yuri
Yehudi Yoelvis Yves

Our Z-Male Chihuahua Name Lists…

Zack: Perfect in all aspects of life, Zack is an amazingly talented boy. This Chihuahua loves to play and has more energy than you'd ever believe. A great name for an energetic little fellow.

Zaire: This moniker is suitable only for the sweetest pooch. Puppies named Zaire are also normally very clever and will never back down from a challenge. The Chihuahua with the cutest little face that no one can resist would love this name - adorable!

Zohar:Whether you felt lucky when you found this dog, or he was the lucky one Zohar is perfect for a bright and radiant boy. He is often very sweet, and handsome but can be sarcastic at times. A neat name for a clever fellow.

Zubin: Meaning to honor, Zubin is truly a well rounded pooch. This boy is a strong willed and determined pooch that will never give up on any task he sets out to complete.

Zabriskie Zoober Zucker
Zac Zoogin Zuckie
Zaccheus ZoomZoom Zukerman
Zachary Zoomer Zuni
Zephyr Zoro Zuri
Zeppelin Zowie Zurich
Zeppo Zubin Zwing
Zero Zucchini Zyzzx


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