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Need some W-X male Chihuahua names for your puppy? What you decide to call your new puppy or dog is one of the most important decisions you'll make for him. Your puppy name choice can be based on anything, this means you can name your pooch in honor of a family member, or you can choose a name based on specific traits that you would like to link to your little fellow. You might just be searching for a name that sounds great and is easy to call, or you might be looking for a unique name. Whatever your needs are for searching for a male name; we have created a list with some great ideas to make choosing a Chi name easier for you.

Our W-Male Chihuahua Name Lists…

Wade: This Old English name means a wanderer, and it is great for the dog that loves to explore. This boy is regarded by his peer as being superior. A cool name for the dog with more experience than you.

Wagner: Choose this name for your Chi after the composer famous for his magnificent innovations in harmony and immensely large scale operas. This little fellow is very playful, silly, and quite outgoing. A good name for the pooch that loves listening to "Here Comes the Bride".

Wahib: Meaning the generous one, this identifier is great for the healthy, happy, very playful, little boy! This Chihuahua loves to fill the home with affection and kindness and is a little timid at times.

Wayne: A cute name for the runt of the litter. What this little fellow lost in size, he makes up for in attitude. Spunky and playful, this boy loves dragging his stuffed toys around the house and enjoys playing outside in the leaves.

Werner: Choose this name for your pudgy little golden blonde Chihuahua. This solid little dog enjoys cuddling, and is quiet and easy to take care of. He is the type of boy who prefers the quieter lifestyle. A good name for the dog that has a good tolerance for kids.

Wesley: Pick this name for the boy that is known to wander about spreading the grace of his presence to others in the house that he believes are worthy while they sleep. A cute name for the fun loving mischievous boy that loves to pull off pranks.

Willard: This Old English name means "Resolute and brave". Willard is royalty and is always looking for something new to do in his castle. He has a loyal and charming personality, and loves when he is being spoilt by you.

Wabble Waikiki Wayne
Wacko Walden Wazzoo
Wacky Waldo Wazzup
Waddle Waldorf Weasel
Waddles Wales Weaser
Wade Walker Weaver
Wadsworth Wallaby Wonderdog
Wafer Wallace Wong
Waffels Wallaroo Wonton
Waggs Watson Woody
Wager Watts Woodbury
Wagner Wavy Woodchuck
Wahoo Wawa Woodrow

Our X-Male Chihuahua Name Lists…

Xan: This is the name for the loyal companion that is always looking to you to spoil him. He is a loving, little boy that loves his warm sweaters and what he loves more is his fun family that spoiled him.

Xanthus: Give this cool Greek name to your golden-haired boy. This funny boy dog loves to perform and is best known for his tricks. Your Chihuahua dog would adore this pet name.

Xanti: This name is for a valued and trusted friend. Often very noble and distinguished, this boy is always cautious when strangers are near. This brave little boy dog will never let you down.

Xavier: A great name for the pooch from the little breed with a lot of passion. Cute and sometimes cunning, this boy is known to cause havoc when no one is at home. An excellent name for an adventurous dog.

Xiao: Give this name to the pooch that you think is not really a dog, but a superman. This fellow can be the meanest, most aggressive and intimidating little guy, but he is never like that around you....unless maybe he is alerting you to something strange.

X-Dog Xapp Xerxes
X-Man Xarie Xeven
X-Ray Xarles Xing
Xacinto Xaros Xing Xing
Xack Xasperator X-Man
Xalvador Xcavator Xolani
Xamir Xcellency Xoltan
Xanadu Xenon Xorro
Xandel Xerno Xotan
Xang Xerox Xenon


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