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Out Of The Ordinary Names For Your Pup

It is always hard to find the perfect list of unusual female Chihuahua names for a new family member. You can spend numerous hours searching through numerous books and websites and most times you come up empty handed. That is why we’ve made it so easy for you right here with this list of unusual girl names for Chihuahuas!

Our list includes some cute Chihuahua names as well as some that are just unique. But that’s not all! Some of these names come with meanings and a little suggestion to add some more ooomph to the names. So try out our list of unusual female Chihuahua names and see if you find the name that you are looking for. Also if you decide to make your own name try not to make the name too much of a tongue-twister or your dog might not like it.

Our Unusual Female Chihuahua Name Ideas

Avery: Meaning Elf or magical counsel, this pick would make a great unusual name for a Chihuahua dog. Then of course, so would the name Elf.

Drew: Meaning wise, this name would make a sensible Chihuahua very happy. If you ever see this dog exhibit a rash emotional outburst of anger, she is over-stressed. An unusual female Chihuahua name for a good and judicious dog.

Emerald: The name of one of the most precious stones around, this name will be perfect for your precious female Chihuahua dog. She is an outgoing, straight-shooting type of dog. Your enthusiastic and excitable Chihuahua will love this one.

Havana: Watch out for her temper tantrums, but you need not be concerned if she starts acting up. A cool name for the dog that is like pressure cookers, she will calm down almost as soon as she blows up and starts whistling.

Hermes: Whatever you do, you just can't ignore her. This pooch will remind you of the Aries child that demands a lot of attention. An unusual female Chihuahua name for the pooch that shrieks her head off if she does not get her way.

Justice: This identifier is for the Chi puppy that keeps the peace and shows great respect for people. Sensitive by nature, she gets hurt easily and favors the company of grownups to that of children. This girl weighs everything in the balance, before she dishes out.

Kendall: Meaning "Bright river valley" Kendall is a cute name for a Chihuahua owner who is looking for an unusual name for their pup. This girl is blessed with deep wisdom, and she is not in the least bit materialistic.

Martini: This highly intuitive pooch is very wise. This girl will not take her dreams too lightly, as the universe normally speaks to her in her dreams. An unusual female Chihuahua name for a Chi that has a swagger in her walk.

Mary Jane: This girl has the looks like "dream come true" magic. Mary Jane is angelic and charming, and she lives up to this image. An interesting name for the dog that is always in a world of fantasy.

Quinn: Meaning counsel, this pooch is characterized by gentleness, compassion, understanding and tolerance. She has weighed all the pros and cons on every thought before she makes a decision. You can trust her to do the right thing in time.

Regina: A form of the name Reagan, this unusual female Chihuahua name is suitable for a royal girl. She will require loads of attention and affection as she is a vulnerable, uncertain little dog. A good name for the dog that fiercely guards her privacy and retreats into her own little world, whenever she pleases.

Saki: Sensitive and individualistic, you'll notice that it is impossible to keep with this girl's thought processes. Saki may react negatively to a command from time to time, but it is because she is running all this processes in her head.

Abby Casey Frenchie
Ally Cassidy GiGi
Angel Cha Cha Giselle
Athena Chanel Goldilocks
Bambi Charlotte Gucci
Bangle Chiffon Honey
Bebe Cinnamon Hope
Bella Confetti Indigo
Binky Cupcake Jasmine
Bits Daisy Juliet
Bitsy Duchess Karma
Blondie Ebony Lexi
Bonsai Espresso Lexus
Boo Boo Farrah Lilly
Bunny Flower Mercedes
Candy Freckles Porsche

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