Unique Female Chihuahua Names
For Your One Of A Kind Girl

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Unique female Chihuahua names are as fun as they are diverse. And finding the right and the most suitable name for a Chihuahua pup can be a bit hard to new owners. This breed of dogs has so much character and energy, that each dog is totally unique and deserves a name that is as special as they are. When looking for a name for your pooch you will come across some names that have some very special meaning while others don't. But the key is for you to find a name that you really like and see you calling your dog.

Apart from being energetic, Chihuahuas are smart and are very loyal to those they are familiar with. Due to these qualities, naming your dog can be a bit more challenging. Some Chihuahua owners will look for unique female Chihuahua names that reflect their puppy's unique qualities while others will base it on their dog's size. As such you will see dogs being called Peewee or Sassy.

Our Unique Female Chihuahua Name Ideas

Bitsy: This identifier is for the dog that is easy going, charming and pleasant. Your itsy Bitsy will never get into much trouble, which makes her an excellent party host. A cool name for the dog that can charm the birds from the trees!

Bitty: Meaning small, this unique identifier will make a super cool one for a Chihuahua puppy. This girl dog is very independent, and will not tolerate being tied down for long.

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Bobbin: A little special little pooch in your life, this girl is your angel that is as cute as a little bobbin of thread. This Chi is a true companion, and your friendship begins with all smiles.

Bonbon: This cute name has a unique flavor to it, which makes a terrific and unique name choice. This pooch is very unpredictable, and can be wild, calm, helpful, stubborn, flexible or rebellious based on how she feels. A superb name for the dog that does what her own senses tell her to.

Cha Cha: Give this pick to the smooth pooch that can glide pass you without you noticing. Cha Cha has a very intense personality with hidden depths. A cool name for the Chihuahua that has great compassion.

Cookie: Choose this puppy name because your Chi is sweet and golden. Cookie is not afraid in the dark, which makes her the ideal watch dog. An interesting pick for your little defender.

Cricket: Give this identifier to the pooch with the incredible personal magnetism. This girl dog makes a loyal and devoted friend that will always be there for you.

Cupcake: Sweet and sometimes with sprinkles on the top this selection would make a super sweet name for a little cute girl dog. Cupcake is empathetic and compassionate, and cannot stand to see another being in misery. A compassionate dog deserves this one.

Frisbee: Give this pick to your beautiful Chihuahua dog. Although she is cute Frisbee can be extreme, which makes it seem like she is being wired the other way around. A cool name for a Chi that flies around the room.

Jia: Use this nickname to show how beautiful your puppy is. This beautiful sounding name is very unique and it has such a great flow and ambiance. This Chinese name even translates to mean beautiful. A name that captures the essence of the fairer sex.

Mia: Usually lively, inventive and oh so original this girl dog can be found sailing in the opposite direction of the crowd. This pooch is always out of step with the world because she thinks ahead of her time and enjoys anything different.

Abba Emma Happy
Adele Enya Jayden
Addison Evita Karma
Alexis Faith Katina
Angel Fedora Lacey
Bacardi Fern Lover Gurl
Bali Frida Peso
Boo Boo Fuchsia Peyton
Casey Gabrielle Posh
Charlie Genie Riley
Dakota Ginger Sage
Diva Goddess Shea
Drew Gucci Tango
Ella Gwen Taylor
Emerald Gypsy Uno
Emily Harley Willow

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