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Creative Names That Begin With These Letters

Are you looking for terrific U-V male Chihuahua names for your new pal? If so, the list below will prove to be quite helpful and give you some good ideas! Our list of names might be just what the doctor (or veterinarian) ordered to solve your name creativity problem. So, whether you are searching for a creative and unique name for your male pooch you will find a name to fit any breed right here.

As you might notice, there’s not a lot of decent names to choose from beginning with the letter U, but we tried coming up with at least a few choices for U.

Our U-Male Chihuahua Name Lists…

Ugo: Very intelligent and brave, Ugo always uses his smile to wow his audience like no one else. Sometimes pompous but not overly so, this boy is loyal to his friends and nice to your neighbors.

Ulysses: In honor of the great Civil War general Ulysses S. Grant, this would make a great name choice for the Chi who struts around like a general, and will win the battle to your heart everytime.

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Uri: Meaning "My Light" This identifier is great for the little sweetheart that will bring lots of love into your home. A cool name for the pooch that pretends to be something he is not.

Usama: A cute name for a handsome Chihuahua boy. Usama is your best friend for life, and he'll enjoy going on nice walks in the park with you. A wonderful name for the boy that is your little companion on rainy afternoons.

Uros: This name means "Little lord" and it is perfect for a dog that is known for his good looks. This pooch is said to possess unrivaled charm and seductive powers and is a great pal to have. A cute name for the Chi that is fancied by all those who have set eyes on him.

Uzor: A kind-hearted, loving pooch that makes you happy with his attentiveness and desire to please deserves this name. Sometimes too easily misled, this boy is quick to recognizing his mistakes and try to make amends.

Uber Ulbrecht Upshaw
Uberto Ulf Upton
Udo Ulric Urban
Udolf Ulrich Urchin
Ugo Ulysses Utah
Ugor Umar Uren
Ugur Umberto Uttaboy
Ulan Uproar Uzi

Our V-Male Chihuahua Name Lists…

Vail: Meaning "Valley" this name is perfect for the pooch that is a master...The best in everything he does, this pooch is very handsome too. A sweet name for the young fellow who owns you.

Vance: Choose Vance for the puppy that has such exquisite balance and grace that he defies the laws of gravity. This little fellow is often seen casting his spells of charm on your friends by simply flashing his big bright eyes. A total angel!

Vaughan: Vaughan is the best pooch ever! Drop dead, gorgeous and smart; this Chi always exudes masculinity and strength. However, he does not do this through aggressive behavior but rather through a strong desire to provide for his family.

Vinny: Usually the name of the Italian friend and henchman of a mob boss, Vinny is a cool name for your Chihuahua. This pooch is usually the boss' uncle or cousin. This boy is not afraid to admit when he is wrong.

Virgil: Meaning "Strong" Virgil is a good selection for the puppy so cute; he is as adorable as a puppy can come. This little boy is white with a faint fawn spots and a really sweet face.

Vito: Vito!! Meaning Conqueror, Vito is a big name for the little puppy that you want to help catch up! He is a really pretty boy with one of the cutest little faces. A cute name for the pooch that doesn't mind living with other dogs, cats and children.

Vlad: Vlad is the true definition of a man's best friend. Although he is really small this boy loves to play and is ready at any moment to play with you or his precious toys.

Vaccaro Vancover Vicar
Vadar Vandal Victor
Vagabond Van-Damme Vidal
Vail VanGogh Vijay
Val Vanity Viking
Valdemar Vaquero Vincent
Valdez Vasco Vinny
Valentino Vermont Vintage
Valiant Vernon Vinton
Valium Vertigo Viper
Valkrie Vesper Virgil
Vamp Veteran Virtue
Van Vex Visa
Vance Vibe Vuitton

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