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Welcome to our S-T male Chihuahua names page. If you are looking for a Chi name that begins with an S or T to fit your toy dog pal, you should browse through this page to find some adorable names for your little puppy. We know that it can be hard and time consuming to come up with your own meaningful names that is why we have created this list with some of the cutest and newest S-T male Chihuahua names. We hope this gives you the inspiration for naming your puppy.

Our S-Male Chihuahua Name Lists…

Salvador: Pick this sweet name for your handsome little man! This little puppy loves to play and will fit perfectly in your pocket or purse. A cute name for a smooth chocolate merle coat puppy that made you the envy of all your friends.

chihuahua puppy do

Santos: Any pooch named Santos is a true prince charming, and it would fit your little Chihuahua well. Not only is this boy handsome, but he is as lovable as they come. A cool name for the pooch that is always up for anything.

Sergey: Pick this name for the puppy that you have been looking for! Tiny and perfect in every way, this boy has an outgoing and playful attitude. A cool name for the Chihuahua that is a loving, and true charmer.

Scout: A gorgeous puppy with the personality to match, Scout is a terrific name for the Chi that is always looking for a little adventure. This little boy will always be the first to run in the yard for a good game of catch.

Smokey: Smokey is a good name for your tiny, charming, loveable and fun loving dog. Intelligent and alert, this boy is a quick learner that loves to play and does not growl or bite. A wonderful name for the pooch that loves to lie on the couch for a good nap.

Smoocher: This loveable pooch is always a hit at any party! He believes that everything is about him and is almost always ready for his big adventure. Choose this name for your very loving and playful little fellow!

Snowball: This moniker is perfect for a cute, playful and quite little clown dog. This little buddy loves playing with his toys, and he thinks everything around him belongs to him.

Saber Saul Shadow
Sable Saunders Shenandoah
Saki Saxon Sherman
Sal Scott Sid
Selah Scoobie Do Simba
Salvador Seamus Simon
Salvatore Sebastian Sinclair
Sam Seinfeld Sivan
Samuel Sergio Skipper
Sanders Seth Slade
Sanford Seymour Soren
Santo Shamu Sorley
Santos Shamus Stanley
Sargent Shane Sting
Sasha Shaw Sushi

Our T-Male Chihuahua Name Lists…

Titus: Choose this identifier for the little puppy whose tiny tail wags nonstop. Alert and bouncy all the time, Titus is a nice name for the happy little boy with a big personality.

Toby: For the dog with the unique and absolutely beautiful coat. He will capture your heart just like he captured your eyes. He is the perfect pet all day and is not shy about giving out kisses!

Tom: Perfect for the dog that is gorgeous and black. This cutie promises to be your most loving companion and can't wait to jump into your arms when you come home from work. A fine name for a happy and adorable dog.

Tristan: Very alert, lively, playful, and loves to cuddle Tristan is your brave little boy. With his amazing personality and eye-catching markings, he is sure to be the center of attention everywhere you go.

Trojan: If you're looking for the name for the perfect companion, Trojan would work fine! Trojan is the wonderful addition to your home, and he is your own little explorer. A cute name for the little pooch that is always looking for his next adventure. A good big name for a little dog.

Tabasco Thaddeus Toby
Tab Hunter Thady Touche
Taboo Thane T-Rex
Tad Thatcher Tsunami
Tamir Thayer Tucker
Tango Theo Tugs
Taro Theodore Tumble
Tarzan Theron Turk
Tate Thomas Turner
Teague Thor Twerp
Ted Thornton Twister
Telly Thurman Tyler
Templeton Thurston Tyrone
Terrel Tickles Tyrus
Terrence Tilden Tyson
Tequila Tiny Tim
Thad Tipper


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