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Welcome to our S-T female Chihuahua names page. Naming a puppy is a wonderful task and a tangible way of making sure that their memory lives on into the future. After all, this puppy could soon be your new best friend. Or she might one day go on to change the life of someone else. Our S-T puppy names feature a lot of interesting and distinctive names for you to consider for your Chihuahua. These names are not only cute, but they still allow her to show her unique flavor and personality traits.

Our S-Female Chihuahua Name Lists…

Sabina: Give this name to the most awesome girl you have ever met. Naturally sweet, kind, and playful, this girl thinks she is the queen, with her outstanding personality and you too agree!

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Sabrina: Meaning "From the border" this is a cute name for the girl that loves to run around all day. This little ball of fire is a very loyal companion that will forever be true to her family.

Sachi: Pick this Japanese name for your little bliss-child. This girl is the sweetest little angel. Compact and cute with a dazzling personality, Sachi is friendly and happy all the time.

Sade: Meaning "Honor confers a crown" Sade is a cute name for a small girl dog. Her favorite toys are squeaky stuffed animals, and she'll snuggle with them for hours. A loving name for the adventurous explorer.

Sadie: Sadie is the name for your happy princess dog. Beautiful with a bit of curls too, Sadie loves attention and will just lie in your lap just to get some.

Safari: Lovely and adorable with all the qualities that you ever wanted in a pet, Safari is a cute name for the pooch that loves adventure. She is lovely with kids and other pets and is your precious little girl.

Saba Sandra Serena
Sabah Sapphire Serenade
Sable Sara Serenity
Saffron Sari Shania
Sage Satin Shannon
Sahara Savanna Sharon
Salena Scarlet Shauna
Salene Scooter Sneakers
Salina Sedona Stella
Sally Sela Sugar
Salome Selena Summer
Samantha Selma Sunny
Samar Senta Sweetie
Samara Sera Sweetheart
Samira Serafina Symphony

Our T-Female Chihuahua Name Lists…

Taz: This is a great name for a small, delicate, cubby body Chihuahua. This pooch loves belly rubs and is your little sweetheart. A cute name for the puppy that like kids and even cats too.

Tala: Tala is the name for your foxy little girl. Tala is a dream! She comes in black and white, and sometimes in color too. A wonderful name for a Chihuahua princess of any color.

Talia: Talia is the name for the girl that is an absolute doll. She is very affectionate and has an outgoing personality. A cool name for the pooch that likes being around other dogs, children, and the food bowl at dinnertime.

Talitha: This name means "Young woman" and is perfect for a Chi-Chi so beautiful she looks like a young damsel. She has the softest eyes, so full of love and affection and likes to be held. This pooch will devote her life to making you happy.

Tallulah: Tallulah is a name for your happy little girl with a big personality. She is mischievous and curious and has lots of puppy kisses to share with you. A wonderful name for the little girl that likes to prance around the house.

Tinkerbelle: This girl stole your heart away the first time you saw her, and she is jelling perfectly with the family. A cute name for the pooch that seems as if she was always a part of the family. And just like the beloved Disney character, she’s as magical as can be.

Tabasco Tease Tiffy
Tabby Teena Tilda
Tabitha Telly Tily
Taboo Tempo Tina
Taco Tenor Tinker
Taffy Tequila Tinkle
Tamale Tesia Tiny
Tamara Tesla Tonka
Tammy Tess Tonya
Tango Tessa Toodles
Tanya Tessie Treasure
Tara Tia Trinity
Tawnie Tibby Trish
Teacup Tiffany Trixie
Teal Tiffin Tuffy


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