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So you are looking for a few cool Q-R male Chihuahua names for your cute new pal? If you have a boy Chi, then you will enjoy looking through this list of the best male Q and R dog names for Chihuahuas. No doubt you will find a bit of inspiration and ideas so you can come up with a great puppy name that is unique and appropriate of your new little friend. Better yet, you can find the perfect Q-R male Chihuahua name right here to suit your dog and show you appreciate just how cute he really is!

Our Q-Male Chihuahua Name Lists…

Quadrangle: This sweet guy is as brave and solid as a rock, even though he is very small. He is a great looking puppy with a very warm personality. A fine name for the Chihuahua that loves to play and get attention from only you. He is your little cuddle buddy.

king chihuahu

Quarter: He is the cutest, happiest little boy dog. As cute as a cuddle bug, this boy loves to be held and will raise heck with anyone that over steps their boundaries. A fine name choice for a great companion.

Quasi: This puppy is rare and makes a wonderful pet. Adorable, friendly, playful and loyal, this boy dog is really good with kids. A sweet name for the dog that has captured your heart.

Quayle: This handsome Chihuahua is very precious to you. This precious guy knows how to bring joy and love to any family. A wonderful name for a fun loving dog.

Qamar Quinlan Quickie
Qantas Quint Quicksand
Quack Qaseem Quicksilver
Quad Qasid Quiet Man
Quasar Quetzal Quigley
Quasim Queue Quill
Quasimod Quibble Qusay
Quentin Quibbler Quirky
Quimby Quiche Quizno
Quincy Quicken Quasimodo

Our R-Male Chihuahua Name Lists…

Ranger: This baby boy will surely melt your heart. With his angelic little face and peaceful, loving temperament, you sometime have to wonder what you did to deserve such a fine gentle boy. A cute name for the pooch that believes he is the warden of your house.

Rascal: This little mischievous little boy is a sweetheart that will bring tons of love into your home, although he is known to go rogue at times. He is a bundle of energy, and really loves to play, but once he is tired, he will take his naps, although you will have to put up a fight with him.

Rebel: Handsome with a slick cute coat, Rebel is the name of your bad boy puppy. He has both the great looks and cunningness, so you just can’t resist his charms! A fine name for the dog that is known to break your rules.

Ruffles: A cute name for the pooch that love attention and playing with his toys and the kids. This little fellow likes to be treated like a king and will be your best friend for life.

Rufus: This name is for the handsome little guy with lots of personality. Rufus is well mannered and has lots of love to share with his family. A fine name for the dog that is the perfect size to fit in any home.

Rugrat: This Chihuahua is one gorgeous tiny doll! He has a luxurious coat that others from his breed would die for! Not to mention those adorable eyes that will melt your heart at first sight! A cute name for the pooch that is the perfect stocking stuffer for your family.

Runner: Select this name for the little toy dog that makes you wonder how you ever got along without him. This boy will make you smile with all his adorable antics and will be happy in either a home or apartment. To him this doesn't matter as long as he has his buddy with him, and he can run all over the place.

Rabbit Randall Roman
Racer Randie Romeo
Racey Randy Romi
Radar Rattler Romulus
Radcliff Raven Rubin
Radio Ravioli Rudolph
Rad Ray Rudy
Rae Roger Ruffian
Rage Rolex Runt
Ragu Roller Rupert
Raider Rollie Rush
Raisin Rollin Russ
Ralph Rollins Russell
Ralston Rollo Rusty
Rambo Rolls Ryan
Ramon Roly Poly Ryder


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