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Interesting Names For Cute Chi’s

If you are looking for Q-R female Chihuahua names, you can just scroll below to see all the name suggestions we have for these toy dogs. Here you can find a lot of Chi names that will suit any beautiful, reserved or even a proud dog. Our comprehensive list of names goes well beyond all the normal and overused names that you often hear at the park, groomers, training classes and daycare. Have a look, and we hope you find the name that you are looking for.

Our Q-Female Chihuahua Name Lists…

Qamar: This cute name means "Moon" and is perfect for your amazing little female Chihuahua. This girl is a beautiful apple-head pooch with a pretty coat with black and tan merle and flashy white markings. A fine name for the beautiful pooch that hypnotize you with just one look!

Queena: Choose this name for your precious and perfect puppy! She is the lifelong companion you have always been looking for. A fine name for the girl dog that loves to be held and spoiled.

Queen: This elegant pooch comes from great bloodlines, and she has a great temperament, although she can get mad at times. Queen is the perfect name for your Royal Highness.

Quenby: This Scandinavian name means womanly, and it would make a fine name for your little ball of joy. This bouncy little girl can't wait to jump into your arms and cuddle. Lively, confident and bubbly this girl loves to play and is quite frisky.

Querida: This Spanish name is ideal for the wonderful dog that you just made a part of your family. After a long day at work, this cutie will definitely make your day with the puppy kisses you will receive at the door. This little girl loves to relax and cuddle while she gets her belly rubbed.

Quill: This gal was the smallest of the litter, but she can keep up with the rest of the family and isn't afraid of anything. She is the little fur ball that stole your heart when you first stared into those cute eyes. The Chihuahua with the great personality will love this name.

Quantas Qualm Quinette
Quaker Quartz Quinley
Queenbee Quasar Quinlin
Queenie Quasimotto Quinn
Quintina Qubilah Quintana
Qamar Querida Quintessa
Qamayr Questa Quintin
Qameer Quiche Quintina
Qaylah Quickie Quirky
Qaysar Quinella Quip
Qismah Quin Quota
Quell Quincy Quizno

Our R-Female Chihuahua Name Lists…

Raissa: The French for thinker, Raissa is the name for the cute and loving Chihuahua you have at home. This girl was spoiled from the day you brought her home and is ready for you to start spoiling her again. She will shower you with her puppy kisses to repay you for your kindness.

Raizel: Meaning Rose, this name is for the pooch that is a total doll! This adorable girl loves to give kisses and play. Spoiled and all, she will spoil you in return with all her puppy love. The perfect name for the Chihuahua that makes everyone she meets instantly falls in love with her.

Rage: Choose this name for the mighty and wise pooch that you have. This Chi will make a good life long companion and friend. This puppy is perfect, loyal and trustworthy and can make you smile with just the way she wags her tail.

Reno: A beautiful and elegant pooch deserves this name. Reno can have either a beautiful black, tan or merle coat with a light silver undercoat. You will love to snuggle with her and enjoy getting all those puppy kisses from her! A wonderful name for a couch buddy and loyal companion.

Rane: This Scandinavian name means Queen, and is ideal for a pure and precious puppy! This girl is a very dainty Chihuahua that will enjoy being toted around town. She is a one of a kind girl!

Rio: Give this name to the Chihuahua that is the puppy of your dreams! She will have a great color combination and luscious coat that you just don't see every day. Rio is the perfect name for the spunky little she-devil with a flair for being very curious.

Rachael Reba Romper
Rachel Rebecca Rona
Radar Regina Ronny
Rae Rena Rory
Raisin Renee Rosalia
Raphaela Rhea Rosalind
Raquel Rhiannon Rosalyn
Rawnie Rhoda Rosanne
Rayna Ria Rose
Racey Rihana Roseanne
Rain Rita Rosebud
Rainbow Riva Rosemarie
Rapunzel Robbin Rosie
Razzmatazz Rochelle Royal
Rea Rohana Runt


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