O-P Male Chihuahua Names
Clever Male Names That Begin With O Or P

Having a new dog is a wonderful experience! So is the choice of some really beautiful O-P Male Chihuahua names by which you are going to call him for years to come. Naturally, you will want that name to match your own dog perfectly. That is why we are offering you a wide variety of male dog names for you to choose from. Just browse through the list of names to find the right O-P male Chihuahua name that you like the best to call your dog. And don’t forget to ask your pal what he thinks! He’s the one going to wear this name for a lifetime.

Our O-Male Chihuahua Name Lists…

Oral: A very small and cute boy dog, this Chi should be a model. He is tan all year round and looks like he should be living in Hawaii. Oral is a handsome pooch to be friends with.

chi puppie

Otis: Otis is the Chihuahua that acts like a 'kid'. This boy dog has a lot of respect in the community, although he likes to waste time with trivial matters. A cool name for the dog that means a lot in the long run.

Otto: This German name is suitable for a prosperous dog. This pooch is no doubt, the leader, and he will have a lot of knowledge about hiding.

Ounce: A measurement of weight that is used in foods, drugs, and other things, Ounce is a cool name for a really small dog. Swift-moving with a saucy expression, this boy is highly intelligent and should not be underestimated even though he is small in size.

Outlaw: A rebel and nonconformist, Outlaw is a cute name for a dog that is a rebel at heart. This dog refuses to be governed by established rules. A cool name for your nonconformist and mischievous dog.

Oxford: A term of endearment used for someone that you truly cared about, even if you are afraid to get close to them. Normally a good dog, this pooch tends to get their heart mixed up and ends up snapping at people because of it.

Oakley Okie Orlov
Oates Oleander Ormand
Oats Ollie Ormandy
Obi Wan Kenobi Olsen Orpheus
O'Brian Ono Ortega
Oceanus Onyx Orville
O'Connor Opal Orvis
October Opie Orwell
Ode Orbit Orzo
Officer Orca Osborne
O'Hara Oregano Oscar
Ohio Oreo Osmond
Oink Original Oswald
OJ Orion Oz
O'Keefe Orloff Ozzie

Our P-Male Chihuahua Name Lists…

Picard: This boy dog is the wisest, intelligent, and fairest of all the dog captains. He always listens to you, his senior officer and considers your training and information in his decisions. He is your ideal accomplished and respectable pooch.

Picasso: A cute name for the dog that is laugh out loud hilarious. He is the smaller form of gleefulness, and he'll try to use it to keep you smiling always. He’ll paint any room with happiness.

Pickles: Choose this name for your mischievous little dog. This dog always meddles in things that sometime get him into trouble. This name could be used to describe an occasionally grouchy, temper tantrum Chihuahua.

Pinky: The name of the crazy lab mouse from the cartoons Animaniacs and Pinky and The Brain, This pooch is genetically spliced and was supposed to work with fellow Chihuahua pal Brain. A cool name for the dog that is always trying to take over the world, even though he prefers to joke and do insane stuff.

Pinto: Pinto is a sweet name for the pooch that excels at activities that other dogs consider to be wasteful. This dog loves to have fun and is sometimes destructive. With his jesterlike qualities, how could you possibly say no to him?

Pioneer: A cool name for the dog that ventures into an unknown or unclaimed territory to settle. This boy dog loves to lead the way. A cool name for your first Chihuahua dog.

Pip: A name for the Chihuahua that is a real character. This pooch tends to be difficult, but is still likeable. A good name for a good city dog.

Pablo Parnell Peewee
Paco Parlay Pendleton
Paddington Parsnip Pepi
Paddy Pascale Pepper
Page Paseo Peppy
Paisley Patch Pepsi
Pal Patches Periwinkle
Palermo Patton Perot
Palmer Paul Perro
Pan Pavarotti Perry
Panache Pavlov Pesky
Panchito Pax Romanus Pete
Pappy Paxton Phoenix
Parable Paws Pint
Paris Pedro Pipsqueak
Parker Peepers Pluto


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