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Tired of hearing the same old O-P female Chihuahua names when it comes to names for your pup? Here is our own detailed list of O-P female Chihuahua names to help you out. Just imagine how excited your little dog will feel when she gets one of these names in comparison to some of the mundane names that you have come across daily. Our list includes names that are unique, funny and even kind of weird, so regardless of what you prefer you will find a name here. So have fun choosing one of these feminine pet names for your furry pride and joy.

Our O-Female Chihuahua Name Lists…

Oceana: Meaning Ocean or sea, this name is perfect for the pooch that is normally calm and relaxed. This mysterious girl has her days when high winds are coming in and the seas get rough. These are the times when she is prone to starting mischief.

doggie weddin

Odette: The most wonderful, perfect, bundle of sunshine of a dog deserves this name. She is mature, pretty, and unbelievably lucky to have you as her owner. A cute name for the Chihuahua that brings luck your way.

Oriel: Any pooch bearing this name would have to be cool, amazing and basically the coolest dog you know. She'll enjoy long walks along the beach, eating her favorite soup, and watching her favorite videos right in your lap.

Oprah: An exciting, stylish and smart girl that really loves life, Oprah is your best friend that you always take for a ride. A cute name for the absolutely funny and incredible Chihuahua that is impossible not to love.

Olga: Strong willed and determined, this puppy tends to get feisty when others try to hurt her. She is happy most of the time and with her, it is no problem to put a smile on your face when you are down.

Orbit: She is very funny and very clumsy ha…ha; this Chihuahua can really make you laugh. A cute name for the pooch that just know how to make your day.

Odell Opaque Orlanda
Odessa Ophelia Orinda
Odetta Ophira Oriole
Olive Opossum Orit
Olivia Orbit Orla
Ollie Orchid Orlando
Olsen Oreo Ovine
Olympia Oriole Ovita
Omega Oriana Oreo
Oh No Orianna Oxala
Onassis Oriel Oxana
Onyx Orinda Ox
Opal Orlana Oz

Our P-Female Chihuahua Name Lists…

Pascale: A beautiful dog that is the object of every owner's desire. She is exotic and perfect in every way and always carries herself like a goddess.

Patience: This girl has the ability to stand for long periods without experiencing boredom or frustration. She has the patience of a saint, and is darn cute too!

Penthea: This is the term for the craziest dog that you have ever met. She is short, and stubborn, and if you make her angry she will come and get you. And the best thing is you won't even see it coming.

Petra: Feisty, gorgeous, and not afraid to share her opinions and beliefs, Petra is your incredibly brave pooch in a small package. Smart, loving, and a great friend, this girl likes to keep things extremely neat and organized.

Pilar: Choose this identifier for the pooch that shows an unswerving and deserving loyalty, support and affection. She is your best friend and will stick by you no matter what; even when you get caught in the rain she'll be there.

Prunella: Prunella is an awesome tiny little petite and vibrant Chihuahua girl. Prunella is an amazingly graceful puppy that is just as silly as they come. This girl dog is always trying to catch your eye with her cute little puppy tricks.

Pam Peace Plum
Pamela Peaches Posh
Pamelina Peanut Prancer
Pandora Pearl Precious
Paris Pearline Pretty
Pasha Pebbles Princess
Passion Pecan Priscilla
Patrice Petrona Prissy
Patricia Petunia Prudence
Pauletta Peugot Puff
Paulette Peyton Puffball
Pauline Pip Pumpkin
Pavlova Pipsqueak Puddles
Pawlina Piranha Putt Putt
Paws Pixie


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