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Your Chi Will Be Proud Of His New Name

Looking for the perfect list of male Mexican Chihuahua names for your little boy? Check out our compilation of Mexican dog name ideas below and you are destined to find an irresistible name among the galore of unique names for your little prince. There's just something about Mexican names just has dogs going head over paws for them and Chihuahua owners, especially. Maybe it is the intermingling of cultures or the fit that these names just seem to have with these little guys.

Whatever it is, more owners are now looking for Mexican names for their Chihuahuas more than ever before. So if you are in pursuit of some cool male Mexican Chihuahua names to give your Chi a unique sound when you call him, one of our Mexican names will make him stand out among the crowd of others, and add a sense of personal identity to his character.

Our Male Mexican Chihuahua Name Lists…

Abelardo: This Mexican name means generous, and it would make a cool pick for a kind dog. This dog lives in the present, with his eyes constantly scanning his surroundings to guarantee that everything is running smoothly. A good name for your little watch dog.

Alberto: Meaning "Nobly and Bright" this selection would fit a well behaved chi well. This Chihuahua honors tradition and laws, and has a clear set of standards and beliefs that he follows.

Alejandro: Meaning "defender" this boy likes to take-charge of people and his family. Alejandro has a clear vision of the way things should run and how it should be, that he naturally steps into leadership roles.

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Alfonso: Give this moniker to the noble pooch that you have. This dog will never let you down, and expects you to do the same. A good name for the puppy that can be demanding and critical sometimes.

Aquilino: This Mexican name means "Like an Eagle" and it makes a good identifier for the dog that likes to fly about the house. This talented pooch is always looking for new opportunities to get away with something mischievous.

Bacilio: Give this name to the royal pup that you have. Meaning "kingly" this puppy is extremely straight-forward and honest. A unique pick for a wonderful watchdog.

Baudilio: Meaning "Victory" this pick is perfect for the Chihuahua that is always triumphant. This pooch values security and social order first and last and he feels obligated to do all that he can to heighten this around the yard.

Estefan: Choose this male Mexican Chihuahua name for the dog that wears the crown in the family. Artistic and imaginative, he lives in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities. A cute name for the rarest of all Chihuahuas.

Hernando: Give this name to the brave and intelligent dog that you own. This puppy gets "feelings" about matters that he alone understands. A cute name for an intuitive pooch.

Honorato: Meaning "Filled with Honor" this Mexican name is for a boy dog that trusts his own instincts above all else. Sometimes it may seem as if he is stubborn, or he has the tendency to ignore your orders, but he is just doing what he believes is right.

For Even More Mexican Name Suggestions

Antonio Hector Pancho
Carlos Humberto Paulino
Cesar Ignacio Rafael
Cruz Jesus Ramiro
Daniel Joel Raul
DeMario Jorge Renau
Eber Jose Rober
Emilio Juan-Carlos Roman
Enrique Juan Ruben
Ernesto Kasper Sandro
Felix Luz Santiago
Filiberto Miguel Sergio
Flaco Nadia Spiro
Francisco Omar Victor
Gabriel Oswaldo Virgilio

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