M-N Male Chihuahua Names
Cute Boy Names That Begin With M Or N

Choosing M-N male Chihuahua names for your little toy dog is a very important decision. More than likely you are here because you do not want to name your Chihuahua with just any old dog name. Once you have brought home your dog, you need to find him a name quickly, otherwise he’ll get confused when called various things. Furthermore, the M-N male Chihuahua name chosen needs to be one that you will both be happy with for the rest of your lives. So if you would like a name that is a bit more personal and original, but you're still having trouble in the creativity department, just scroll down to view our list of dog names below.

Our M-Male Chihuahua Name Lists…

McAllister: Give this name to your perky and adorable little toy dog. Spunky and cute, people love being around him as he is one heck of a friend. This pooch is able to make you laugh in even the toughest situations.

lazy chihuahu

McCoy: This name is derived from the phrase "The real McCoy" which means "the real thing". This identifier is ideal for the dog that thinks he's the real thing, even in a small package.

McCrazy: This cute identifier is for the Chihuahua that often gets a nervous feeling after eating. This pooch loves to target visitors for ridiculous things, yet he loves to listen to the music they listen to.

McLovin: This identifier is used to describe the toy dog that is awesome, intense and cute. This name also refers to a character from the movie Superbad. A cool name for a pooch with more than one identity.

Monte: A dog of great character and depth. He has the ability to make the sun shine through even the darkest clouds. Friendship and integrity flows through his veins and truth and comfort are the gifts he always shares.

Mack Marco Merrrick
Macarthur Marcus Mickey
Macbeth Marley Miles
MacGraw Marlon Moby
MacGregor Marlow Moe
Macho Mars Monroe
Mafia Marty Montana
Mafioso Massey Montgomery
Mambo Master Morris
Mango Matso Mortimer
Manley Maurice Moxie
Manny Max Muggs
Marc Maximus Mugsey
Marcel McGill Murphy
Marcellus Memphis Munchkin
March Merlin Mystic

Our N-Male Chihuahua Name Lists…

Navajo: A cool and unique name for the person that is strong and straight up bad to the bone. A good name for a pup with a cool and confident demeanor.

Navar: Pick this name for the really proud dog that always plays his cards straight. Navar tends to be really good at training, but he also loves to compete in sports too. A cool name for the little dog that is always busy getting into something.

Neal: A naturally born genius, this pooch is a true prodigy. Perfect in everything, this Chihuahua is the most distinguished, pure, intelligent and gifted form of dog around. He is everything the average pooch is not.

Nectar: As sweet as honey, Nectar is the dog that can become excitable at times. This boy dog especially loves football season, and people are easily drawn to his charm.

Nolan: This is the dog that every Chihuahua wants to become. Perfection in canine form, this dog is an immortal among dogs. A wonderful name for an extremely cool dog that looks great and is very funny.

Norwood: A very handsome pooch that any owner would love to have. Compassionate and soft-hearted, this boy has a deep love for his family.

Nacho Nestor Nimbus
Nameless Nevada Nimrod
Nash Neville Nipper
Nashua Nevin Nipsey
Nat Newbury Norbert
Natal Newton Norman
Nate Newman Norris
Nathan Newport Northrop
Nathaniel Nibbler Norton
Ned Nibbles Norville
Neeson Nicky Norvin
Neil Nico Norward
Neon Nicodemus Nyles
Nesbit Nike


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