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Want a few cute M-N female Chihuahua names to call your dog? Some dog owners automatically know just what to call their female Chihuahua, while others will struggle for weeks without finding something to call their pooch. If you are still struggling, take a look at your new "baby", ignoring the radar ears, and big bright eyes, and think, "What kind of M-N female Chihuahua names should we give you?" So for ideas just have a look through our name list below and find the right name for your dog, and be sure to ask your Chi what she thinks, she’ll be happy you did.

Our M-Female Chihuahua Name Lists…

Marietta: Marietta is a unique pooch; she is loyal, friendly, really charming and sweet. She is quite pretty but doesn't know it, and once you have hung out with her, she’ll own your heart.

blue chihuahu

Marigold: The name of one of the most perfect puppies on Earth. Once you get to know her you start loving her and just can’t stop. This is the ideal name for the Chihuahua that won't allow you to stop thinking about her, not even for a second, and she is always in the back of your head.

Mocca: This petite little female is just gorgeous, with her unique colors and markings; she is a true eye catcher. She loves to go prancing around the house showing off new cute sweaters and her little dresses. Mocca is very sweet, lovable and playful. This little girl loves to cuddle and give puppy kisses.

Monika: Meaning advisor and counselor, this name is Latin and Greek in origin. This girl dog will listen to you keenly, and take care of you dearly. She is your best friend forever. She is simply awesome!!!

Maria: Choose this name for the dog that is seemingly innocent. Maria is normally known as a good girl, around the neighborhood ... however, Maria is also a very bad girl when feeling threatened. This pooch loves English and likes to read.

Marylou: Sweet, honest, adventurous and sometimes naughty, Marylou loves to love and be loved. She has a unique temperament that everyone around her loves. A fine name for the pooch that people enjoy being friends with.

Mabel Mari Merla
Madge Mariah Merle
Madison Marianne Merlene
Madlyn Maribelle Milky-Way
Madonna Mariel Milla
Mae Mariela Milly
Magenta Marietta Milva
Maggie Marilee Mimi
Magic Marilyn Mina
Manuela Marinda Mina
Marabella Meray Mindy
Marcel Mercedes Miranda
Margarita Merci Moonbeam
Marge Merit Moon Goddess

Our N-Female Chihuahua Name Lists…

Nadine: She is the most beautiful, amazing and intelligent girl dog in the world. Nadine brings hope to those who want it, because that's what her name means in French. A really cool name for the Chi that is good at anything she does.

Nebula: This identifier is for the pooch that no matter what she does, you could never get mad at her. Her smile, her contented eyes will always let you know that she is everything you could ask for.

Neon: Neon loves to have fun, and many people and other dogs enjoy her presence. A cool name for the Chihuahua with the inviting charm and swagger that many envy.

Neoma: Neoma is the dog with the great personality and a very beautiful coat. This baby is going to make the perfect companion and will be very loyal to her family. Neoma is always doing something mischievously sweet just to catch your attention, and it always works!

Nibbles: I am super sweet and super cuddly and my personality is always bubbly. This pooch loves to play but will also take a nap with you whenever you want her to. A cute name for your playful pup.

Nikita: This cute unisex name means "be victorious" in Russian and is perfect for your brave Chihuahua dog. This pooch is often concise and shy when you just meet her, but is equally beautiful and kind upon further observation. This pooch is extremely difficult to forget.

Nada Nellie Belle Norell
Nadia Night Norma
Nana Nika Norvell
Nancy Nightingale Nova
Nanette Nissa Novell
Naomi Nita November
Narcissa Nixie Nubbs
Narda Nola Nudge
Natalie Noleen Nugget
Natasha Nora Nuri
Nell Nordica Nutmeg
Nellie Noreen Nutrella


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