K-L Male Chihuahua Names
Unique Boy Names That Begin With K or L

Need some K-L male Chihuahua names? Finding a suitable name for your Chihuahua should be no trouble from our list of names below. What makes us a great place to find male Chihuahua names, is we do not just give you a list of random names to choose from, instead we offer you some ideas, humor as well as the meaning of the K-L male Chihuahua names chosen. That way when you choose a name for your dog you won't just choose your Chihuahua name based on the sound, but also on the suggestion and meaningful humor behind the name.

Our K-Male Chihuahua Name Lists…

Keanu: Meaning cool breeze over the mountains in Hawaii, this boy is a big fan of the Matrix-moves. This Chihuahua possesses the dual qualities of harmless goofiness and childish bewilderment.

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Kippy: Choose this name to describe the Chihuahua that sparkles. This boy will try anything to make you laugh. Kippy is best friends with the pooch who is mixed with two breeds from down the street.

Kalil: The Arabic for a valued and trusted friend. This boy dog will never let you down. The coolest dog on the planet deserves this name.

Kiwi: A cool name for the dog born in New Zealand. This boy often has fantasies about being good at things in life. A cool name for the dog with the awesome personality that is just plain adorable.

Klaus: This name selection would make an amazing name for your jolly little fellow with the fantastic singing voice. A cute name for an insightful and intelligent Chihuahua.

Klein: The German for the word 'small" Klein is a wonderful name for your pretentious pooch. This Chihuahua often leaves the home and doesn't close the door behind him. A really good name for the Chihuahua with pretentious qualities and superfluous grandiosity.

Knight: This boy dog name is ideal for the Chihuahua that belongs to an order or brotherhood. A defender, champion, or zealous upholder of a cause or principle this pooch is a devoted champion of his lady owner.

Kahlua Kasper Kermit
Kaiser KC Kevin
Kale Kefir Khaki
Kali Keiko Khan
Kane Keith Kibutz
Kang Kelly Kibbles
Kanga Kelvin Kid
Kano Ken Kiddo
Kappa Kendal Kieffer
Kareem Kenai Kiki
Karl Kennedy Killer
Karloff Kenneth Kinko
Karlos Kenny Kinsey
Karlov Keno Kipper
Kashmir Kent Kissinger
Kaboodle Kerby Kong

Our L-Male Chihuahua Name Lists…

Lancelot: An interesting name for a very kind guy that makes you smile every day. This boy has got swag, intelligence, a unique style and a very sweet bark that will make you fall in love.

Leo: Choose this name for your cute, honest, and kind Chihuahua with a beautiful soul. He is one of the best puppies you know. A cool name for the epitome of a gentleman.

Levi: Loving, beautiful, handsome, and awesomely great this name is one for the pooch that you can depend on. This little puppy loves sports and being outside.

Liam: Choose this name for your arrogant and cocky puppy. Everyone thinks he's super cute and all, what they don't know is, he can at times show an attitude towards those he might not care for.

Linus: Choose this name for the pooch that thinks he is so totally awesome. This puppy is a nice guy, but then he changes when he feels like it.

Lukas: Lukas is the name for your extremely handsome and very intelligent dog. This boy has an impeccable personality. He's truly a very special guy that never ceases to amaze you each day with his rare and brilliant heart.

Lancaster Lefty Lloyd
Ladd Lemming Loafer
Lamar Lemon Lobo
Lambert Len Loco
Lance Lenny Logan
Lancelot Lenore Loki
Landon Leo Lomax
Lang Leon Loni
Lapper Leslie Looney
Laredo Lester Loren
Larry Lewis Lorenzo
Lars Liberace Lover
Lawrence Liberty Loverboy
Lazarus Link Lufkin
Lee Lion Luger
Leroy Lionel Luigi


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