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Welcome all you dog lovers! Are you looking for some K-L female Chihuahua names? We have a wide selection of Chihuahua names that are suitable just for your little pal. Therefore, it doesn't matter whether you are seeking a name for a new puppy or a rescued dog, our comprehensive list of K-L female Chihuahua name suggestions will surely help. You want to find the perfect name for your puppy, and we want to help you. So, just browse through our list of names and find the perfect name for your Chihuahua!

Our K-Female Chihuahua Name Lists…

Kai: The Hawaiian word for ocean, Kai is a wonderful name for a Chihuahua. Extremely lucky in some things, this girl has an unfounded sense of honor and pride. A cool name for the pooch who loves the islands.

Karlotta: This girl barks. And barks…and barks. Karlotta is always doing something that you never expect or something so random that you just can't help but laugh.


Kaylee: Choose this name for your crazy and cute pooch. Although she is extremely crazy, she will wind up winning you over anyways. Kaylee is a great friend and very loyal, hopefully your lucky little puppy is one.

Kiki: An extremely beautiful girl, this Chihuahua is liked by many people. A part from being very smart and caring, she is very active and surprisingly good at everything she does. A wonderful name for the dog that loves so much fun and likes to take risks.

Kiley: An incredible friend and a very nice pooch, this girl is fun to be around. However, if you make her mad, you better watch out. Close to perfect, this Chihuahua is caring and almost unselfish.

Kourtney: Known for being curious, Kourtney is good at finding things. She is a loyal and trustworthy friend with a very bubbly and bright spirit. A name for the dog that is not like any others, she's amazing.

Kali Kayla Kody
Kamali Kendie Koko
Kammie Kendra Kona
Kamoa Kenzie Kong
Kanda Kirstin Kooky
Kandy Kira Korie
Karma Kisha Korin
Karmen Kismet Korina
Karola Kishi Kris
Karolin Kisses Krispy
Karoll Klarabella Krista
Karrie Kleo Kristy
Kassidy Kobi Krystal

Our L-Female Chihuahua Name Lists…

Lala: A good choice for the friend that you will have a connection with for life. This Chihuahua is the tie to the past, a broad road to the future, and the key to your sanity. A fabulous identifier for the little friend that keeps you sane in a world of craziness.

Lally: A term of endearment normally used by young people, Lally is a wonderful name to give your cute little dog. This girl can find beauty in ordinary things, so do not lose this girl.

Lashes: This girl dog is like the stars....even on a dark night, you don't always see them, but you know they are always there. A small and tiny lady, this crispy little pup likes to boss around other dogs and gets enjoyment out of it.

Latka: This tiny pooch loves music and sees all things as alternative and musical. She compels the respect of her peers and will settle for nothing less than the best friends.

Lauralee: An amazing girl dog's name, this pooch is pretty, cocky, and loves herself. Unpredictable at times, this female will pick a fight when the need arises and never backs down from conflict.

Lolita: Meaning beautiful, this will always capture all the attention in any room. She can make anybody laugh and has friends that are just incredible.

Lacey Lara Liana
Ladonna Laraine Libby
Lady Laurel Liberty
Laine Laureli Lila
Lainey Lauren Lilac
Lake Laurie Lily Belle
Lakeisha Lavender Lilith
Lala Legs Lips
Landra Lela Lorenza
Lane Leland Loretta
Lanetta Lelia Lori
Langley Lena Lorna
Lani Lenore Lourdes
Lanice Leona Love
Lantana Leonie Lover Girl


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