I-J Male Chihuahua Names
Unique Chi Names That Start With I or J

Are you trying to find the perfect I-J male Chihuahua names for your new buddy? Well, there are literally tons of great Chihuahua names out there for you to choose from. We are offering you a wide diversity of I-J male Chihuahua names to improve your chances of you finding a great monilker for your pal. So come and check out our name list, which has tons of other dog owners just like you barking their approval, and let us help you find the best Chihuahua names for your new best friend.

Our I-Male Chihuahua Name Lists…

Ian: The Scottish Gaelic version of the name John, this kind of guy is one that will decorate your entire house if he gets bored. Otherwise Ian is usually a cool and loveable character, according to Scottish history. A good name for your cute friend!

Ivan: Ivan is a cool name for the Chi that is an epitome of awesome. Naturally cute and all this pooch has an interesting attitude, and might snore at night. But he definitely LOVES food.

Ihab: Ihab is a good name for the pooch that is a real beast despite his size. This pooch loves to play games, and he will destroy your home and restore it with his beastliness. A cute name for the dog that loves to show his teeth to strangers.

chihuahua wearing sunglasse

Ike: The nickname of the Five Star General Dwight Eisenhower, this would make a good name for your brave Chihuahua. This was also the name of a character from Fire Emblem that uses a two-handed sword with one hand!

Inspector: This cool nickname is a good one for an official dog that likes to examine your house to ensure that everything is according to regulations and is up to standard. This pooch is ranked below the superintendent or chief inspector of the house but above the sergeant.

Itty: Choose this name for your sweet and cute looking, but really small dog. Look, but don't touch or he'll nip at you in a heartbeat. He might look cute and sweet, but he only likes certain people.

Ichabod Inferno Isaac
Ichi Ban Ingham Isaiah
Iditarod Inkers Ishmael
Iggy Inky Dinky Isidor
Igor Inkus Isis
Ike Inky Ismael
Impy Intel Italo
Indiana Intrepid Itchy
Indicus Ira Itzy
Indie Irish Ivan
Indigo Irving Ivory
Inez Irwin Izzy

Our J-Male Chihuahua Name Lists…

Juan: This is possibly one of the coolest names that your dog can have. Juan will strike fear into the hearts of lesser dogs. A good name for the dog that is the master and chief of the house. His two best friends are called Carlos and Francisco.

Judge: This identifier is a cool one for the dog that moderates all the disputes around the house. This doggy loves to put his nose where it doesn't belong and Judge is also known to give out punishments.

Juju Bean: Juju Bean is a good name for the pooch that has an aura or other magical attribute within. This pooch is known to bring you good 'luck' or 'karma'.

Judd: Judd is a cute identifier for a small guy who is exceptionally handsome. An amazing guy that is really funny and adorable that you can’t help but love. This boy is used to escaping when awkward situations occur.

Jumper: A cute name for the boy that likes to jump from friend to friend to friend...he is your closest friend for like two weeks, and then he moves on to the next. This boy likes to bail out of a situation at the first sign of trouble.

Junior: A great name for an awesome dog that is usually praised for no particular reason. Junior's are often athletic and kind and enjoys your casual talks. This boy likes to make fun at everything he sees.

Jack Jamal Jingo
Jackaroo Jambo Jinxy
Jacko Jambora Joe
Jackson Janus Joey
Jackpot Jared John
Jackrabbit Jarred Johnny
Jackson Jarrell Johnson
Jacob Jarvis Jonas
Jaeger Jello Jordan
Jael Jellybean Joseph
Jaffar Jerry Josh
Jag Jess Joshua
Jagger Jester Jubb Jubb
Jaguar Jiminy Jowls
Jaime Jimmy Junior
Jake Jingles Jupiter


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