I-J Female Chihuahua Names
Interesting Names That Begin With These Letters

Deciding on a good name for your dog can be a challenge. So here is our list of I-J female Chihuahua names to help you along. Whether you are looking a name for a new puppy, or you are re-naming you newly rescued dog, our list of I and J dog names might be just what you are searching for.

Our list of female Chi names will help you to find either a distinguished Chihuahua name or even a sweet and fun name that even your teenager will like. In addition, we have taken the time to carefully include some genuine suggestions and a little humor to get you along. We hope you'll find a really sweet name that is just right for your Chi.

Our I-Chihuahua Name Lists…

Indigo: As beautiful as a butterfly, this girl will bring you up and make you smile. She will turn up when you are in need of help or when sad. This Chihuahua is definitely one to trust and hold on to.

Ines: A Slovenian term, which means a beauty lady from the north-east, Ines is an extremely loving girl. She will be one of the best friends in your life, due to her caring, honest, and protective ways. A really fine name for a beautiful and awesome dog.

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Itsy: This highly confident pooch believes in herself and her success is well known, after all, she ended up with you. Itsy is the most unique dog you'll ever know. Be on her good side and you'll always be loved, but get on her bad side, and you'll forever feel her wrath.

Italia: The proper way to say "Italy" in Italian, this moniker is perfect for a beautiful girl dog that is determined to live her life to the fullest. A truly beautiful soul, this pooch's personality can light up a room, especially her love.

Ivetta: A cute and dazzling little dog that likes to be treated like a princess, this girl has a great heart. Very rare find, Ivetta is beautiful inside and out yet she is still extremely humble and down to earth. A wonderful name for a realistic dog.

Ivette: A goddess of a dog that is Ivette pretty much excels in everything she sets her mind to. Mischievous and shy at times, her adorable look is golden and is considered to be pretty cute. She's the girl all dog owners believe they can never deserve or have.

Ice Gurl Ina Irene
Ida Incha Iris
Idabelle Inchen Irish
Idalee Inda Irma
Idol Indi Isabella
Ikea India Isabelle
Ilana Indiana Isadora
Ilena Indie Isis
Ilene Indra Italy
Ilona Indy Ivana
Ilise Inez Ivy
Imogene Inky Dinky Doo Ivett

Our J-Chihuahua Name Lists…

Jana:A beautiful woman, this name is ideal for a really beautiful Chihuahua. This girl dog wished that everyday life had more excitement. A cute name for the dog that believes that Pokémon exists, and she could catch them all.

Janet: A totally amazing female dog, this pooch loves hard, plays fair and enjoys it all. She enjoys all positive, and hate people that invade her space. A big lover and dreamer, this Chihuahua loves to get things done.

Janice: A term for a perfect female, Janice is a wonderful name for the pooch whose style and beauty are difficult to describe. Intoxicating and exciting, she loves to wear comfortable sweaters. A truly beautiful soul with a pair of eyes that can heal the infirm.

January: A very unique name, for a really unique dog. This utterly beautiful and an amazing friend is always there for you and is over protective of you. She will always make you laugh and giggle.

Jess: A Jess is the name for the dog that is generous, talented and kind. The name itself means "wealthy", and this is true, as your pooch will always be rich in spirit and personality.

Juana: A gun usually used in Dominican Republic, Juana is the name for the Chi that everyone loves. Beautiful and hilarious, this girl is so much fun. A wonderful name for the brown hair, brown eye dogs with a deep mysterious soul.

J.K. Jaycee Jill
Jacki Jazzy Jillian
Jacklin Jeanette Jonesy
Jada Jeannie Jordan
Jade Jelly Bean Josie
Jaelle Jena Joslyn
Jaen Jenkins Juanita
Jaffa Jenna Judy
Jaila Jess Juice
Jaimie Jessica Jules
Jakarta Jester Julia
Jas Jetta Juliana
Jasmine Jewel Justice
Jasper Jezebel Jinxie
Java Jiffy


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