G-H Male Chihuahua Names
Perfect Names That Begin With G or H

If you're looking for some G-H male Chihuahua names that are unique and have a certain ring and feel to it, dust off these cute names below for great ideas. Our list of G-H male Chihuahua names are an especially good fit for dogs that are just dogs. These range from names for the puppy that likes to show his affection, to ones that are mischievous little devils. So, there is no need to worry, the right name for your puppy is right here.

Our G-Male Chihuahua Name Lists…

Gambit: The name of one of the totally awesome X-Men, this name would be a good name for your fiery Chihuahua dog. This little pup can make your whole day better with just one bark. He has learned and mastered several forms of paw-to-paw combat.

Gameboy: The name of the most glorious invention since TV, this name would be a good one for your wonderful Chihuahua that loves to play games. This pooch is portable and has spawned a cultural trend of being carried all around.

Gemini: Choose this name for the pooch that is really good to get along with. Gemini is really fun to be with, and he hates to get bored, but he loves to cuddle and be around people. A cute name for the dog that likes getting noticed or being the center of attention.

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Gonzales: Cute name for your super fast pooch. This boy is always trying to make haste and go faster. A cute name for a dog whose owner who is a fan of the popular cartoon character.

Gonzo: The name of the resident daredevil performing artiste on The Muppet Show, Gonzo is a sweet name for the Chihuahua that performs funny acts. He takes pride in his uniqueness and enjoys everything that he does -- regardless of how painful or foolish it may be.

Goober: Basically, a Goober is your kindhearted, rather oblivious goofball. This name is used only in the most loving of ways with no negative connation and it makes a loving moniker for a pooch that is innocent, warms your heart and always makes you smile.

G.I. Joe Gaylord Gibson
Gabby Gecko Giddy
Gabo Geek Gideon
Gabon General Gidget
Gabor Genie Gifford
Gage Genius Gilmore
Galant Geoff Gilroy
Galaxy Geoffrey Gimp
Gallon George Giorgio
Garfield Gerado Gipper
Garibaldi Gerald Girard
Garnet Geraldo Gizmo
Garrison Germaine Gladiator
Garth Gerri Gnome
Gayle Gershwin Goblin

Our H-Male Chihuahua Name Lists…

Harvard: The Chihuahua that you almost couldn’t afford, unless you work yourself really hard. This pooch will work unbelievably hard to get accepted into the family. A cool name for the brilliant and beautiful dog.

Homey: A term of endearment towards another to signify closeness, this name is perfect for the dog that is your best bud. This good buddy is always there to hang around with you. You not only like this boy, but trust him with your life.

Honcho: A Japanese term for a small-time yakuza gangster, this name is a good one for your bad boy Chihuahua. Not to be confused with gansta, this pooch is known to wear suits and hang out around your brief case.

Hoodlum: A tiny sub-specie of gangster known as "midgets", this would make a good name for your young misbehaving dog. This boy is normally involved in organized attacks on intruders.

Hoover: This name is ideal for your kind and funny dog with a really big heart. This boy will save your life when no one else is around. A wonderful name for a smart dog that cannot be fooled.

Houdini: This Chihuahua likes to disappear from your party and social event without alerting you that he is leaving. Stealth, is this pooch's best trait, as such you won't even notice his absence until you're half way through the party.

Haddon Happy Hawkins
Hades Hardy Hayes
Hagar Harlan Hector
Hagerty Harlequin Hedgehog
Hairball Harley Hefty
Halston Harrington Hippy
Hamilton Harris Hipster
Hammer Harrison Hitchcock
Hampton Harry Hoagie
Hancock Hartley Hobbit
Handsome Harvey Hobo
Handy Hauser Hobson
Hank Havoc Hooch
Hans Hawk Hood
Hansen Hawkeye Hoosier


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