Funny Female Chihuahua Names
Looking For A Name That’s Different?

When it comes to funny female Chihuahua names, there is no limit to the different names that you can choose for your dog. Some people will choose to name their dogs after comic characters, actresses or just someone that they believe is funny. Other people, on the other hand, do not know where to start, but don't worry as we are here to help you.

funny female chihuahua name

Everyone has a favorite book, cartoon, comedy, or television show that they like and fun dog names can be found lying there. Have you ever thought about honoring your favorite female funny character by naming your dog after her? If you are still searching below, you will find a list of some cute and fun names for your favorite pooch. Although they might not be tummy bursting funny, when you picture these pooches name sake, you might change your mind about it. So here is our funny female Chihuahua names list, we hope it will prove helpful.

Our Funny Female Chihuahua Name Ideas

Debra: This funny girl is named after the funny girl Debra Messing. Playing the neurotic New Yorker, Grace Adler on the TV show Will & Grace, any pooch bearing this name should have a blended slapstick humor with a goofy cuteness.

Diaz: This girl pooch will charm you the same way the actress and comedian has charmed us with her all-American beauty and hilarious movies. This fine lady dog isn't afraid to get down and dirty with her tricks just to help you get a few laughs.

Estelle: After the hilarious Estelle Getty on golden girls, the dog bearing this name should be a brilliant comic that is very wise. This cute girl will be able to perform her risible magic and trick on the entire family.

doggie weddin

Isla: This funny girl is quite able to pull off funny and look cute while doing it. Your friends will think that this girl dog is borderline psychotic, which often make them wonder how she makes crazy look so good!

Jeanne: Choose this moniker after the nationally-recognized humorist and professional speaker. This funny dog will base all her humor on real-life situations and things that she picks up around the house. A cute name for the family performer.

Joan: Like Joan Rivers, this is the pooch of many faces. This Chihuahua is always changing her facial expressions, even after plastic surgery, and each one keeps getting funnier and funnier. A cool name for a hilarious dog.

Julia: This funny girl is named after the actress Julia Roberts. This pooch knows how to put on her charm to win you over. A cute name for the dog that can make you put on your mega-watt smile when she does her tricks.

Kaley: Thus cute name would make a great pick for a funny Chi puppy. Named after the well-known funny girl Kaley Cuoco, this girl dog will win you over in no time with her good looks and amazing sense of humor.

Kristen: This funny pooch will be very good with impressions like her SNL name sake. This gal is conventionally very pretty, and knows how to let things go. Another cool name for a funny pooch.

Renee: This pooch has a sense of humor that is unique only to her. Everyone loves this pooch because everyone loves a schizophrenic. A cute name for the Chihuahua that will grab attention in any way she possibly can.

Victoria: Named after the British funny woman Victoria Wood, this funny Chihuahua has a great talent that is proven to be hugely appealing. A cool name for the dog that makes your stomach aches from laughter with her outrageous performance.

Ahh-ha! Glamour Meow
Atta Girl Goldilocks Muffin
Baby Doll Goldie Puddin
Baby Face Goober Pumpkin
Baldomera Gorgeous Putt Putt
Bambi Grizzly Que Ball
Beany Gumball Queen
Chewbacca Gumdrop Rumba Queen
Diva Honey Smiles
Fable Hobo Smoochie
Fancy Hootchie Mama Snuggles
Fanny Hugga Lump Snookie
Fantasy Ju Ju Bee Snuggles
Ginger Kitty Sunny
Gigi Lava Lips Sunshine
Giggles Looney Zsa Zsa

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