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Who believes that female Spanish Chihuahua names are some of the cutest out there for your dog? A name is such a fascinating thing as it is what is most frequently used by others to identify your pet. In addition, it’s what will become your dog's ‘identity’ throughout her lifetime and even after death. That is why naming your Chihuahua is very important.

The arrival of a new dog is one of the most awaited moments in everyone's life. The next part the family also anticipates is finding a good name for her. When you are looking to name your Chihuahua, make sure you pick a name that denotes her origin, culture and nationality like a Spanish name. If you want to avoid repetitive names, then have a look at our list of female Spanish Chihuahua names below and find a traditional or modern name idea.

Our Female Spanish Chihuahua Name Ideas…

Bebe: Such a cute name, this is a great pick for a precious little girl dog. Bebe is a bit difficult to get to know well as she always tends to hold back her ideas and opinions. A cute name for a reserved Chi, if there is such a thing.

Elisa: This Spanish name is for the pooch with the strong desire to please. She has an unusually deep well that is overflowing with care for those who are close to her. A cute name for the dog that is likely to show her love through actions, rather than barks.

Elvira: Give this identifier to the fiery little puppy. This dog lives in the world of sensation and possibilities, and she is keenly in tune with the way things look, taste, sound, feel and smell. A cool name for a passionate pooch.

spanish chihuahua

Feliciana: Feliciana is a really nice female Spanish Chihuahua name consideration. This girl dog has a strong aesthetic appreciation for art, and is likely to be a creative dog. A super cute name for the dog that has a strong set of values which she lives by.

Isabella: This cute pick would make a cool Spanish girl pet name for any beautiful Chihuahua. This girl is likely to be kind, soft and tender in her actions. A wonderful choice for the pooch that is interested in contributing to the well-being and happiness of others.

Lucinda: Give this name to the Chihuahua that has many special gifts for the world. This girl is a genius in the areas of creating an artistic sensation while selflessly serving others.

Margarita: Margarita has a true appreciation for the beauties of nature. She is very original and independent, and needs to have her own personal space. A great name for the dog that has a strong affinity for aesthetics and beauty.

Maria: This is the Chihuahua whose unique way of life is a sign of her carefree light-heartedness. This girl dog is always in search for clarification and underlying meaning of things. A warm and sympathetic dog deserves this name.

Pepita: This Spanish name will make a cute moniker for your little four-legged friend. This pooch is quiet, reserved and is interested in security and peaceful living. Pepita has a strongly-felt inner sense of duty, which lends her a serious air and the motivation to follow through on her tasks.

Rosarita: A cute as a rose bud, this pooch is quite relaxed and is usually a good and generous provider of affection. Once this Chihuahua realizes the emotional needs of her family, she will put in the effort to meet those needs.

Rosario: Extremely faithful and loyal this pooch has a traditional and family frame of mind. A superb name for the dog that will put forth great amounts of effort into making her home and family run smoothly.

Zorra: This cute female Spanish Chihuahua name is for the dog that has no desire to lead or control those around, just as she has no desire to be led or controlled either. This little lady needs space and time alone to evaluate the circumstances of her life against her value system.

Adriana Carmelita Milana
Alejandra Corázon Paloma
Alicia Delmar Ramona
Ana Evita Reina
Angelica Graciela Ria
Aracel Inca Rosa
Aura Inez Rosalinda
Beila Isabel Rosario
Beatriz Isabella Rumba
Bonita Jacinta Samba
Charo Juanita Sancha
Chiquita Justina Paz
Conchita Larena Paola
Corona Lisbon
Cielo Lucia
Consuela Marquita

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