E-F Male Chihuahua Names
Great Chi Names That Begin With E or F

Searching for E-F male Chihuahua names based on the alphabet is important since it will ensure that your little puppy doesn't get a weird name, and if you want some cute male Chi names, we have you covered. Special dogs need special names, and we have created the following list of male dog name suggestions just for your cherished and latest addition to your family. Hopefully, this list of E-F male Chihuahua names will at least give you a few great ideas or some inspiration to come up with a name of your own for your Chihuahua.

Our E-Male Chihuahua Name Lists…

Elmer: This Chihuahua has integrity and honor and deserves respect. Over protective, brave and all, this pooch is the love of his family and friends. Your fun loving, strong minded and loyal dog will welcome this name choice!

Emilio: This name is fitting for the Chihuahua with the fiery temper but is actually really sweet. Emilio is the type of pooch that you don't want to mess with as he can either be extremely mean, or he'll be really nice.

Elmo: Choose this name for your seemingly very cute and cuddly Chihuahua. He is usually hunting down Barney. A cool name for the dog with the perky attitude that barks in a high pitched babyish voice.

adorable chihuahua puppie

Emmet: Emmet is a good name for your highly intelligent and loyal dog. This beautiful creature is second to none and is often the life and soul of the party. A cute name for a very creative pooch.

Esmond: Meaning "All-knowing, Humble, Seductive" this name is ideal for your attractive, desirable and protective pooch. This pooch is adored by all and often goes on to become a legend. The Chihuahua that is always achieving greatness deserves this name.

Excel: Choose this name for your distinctive dog that usually out-performs other pooches. This boy dog has superior skills and techniques. He can hear things that all other normal dogs can't hear!

Expresso: The name of the fancy Starbucks coffee beverage to go, this name is ideal for the Chihuahua that is always on the move. Hot tempered and highly energetic, this dog loves to "kiss" the people that he likes. An awesome name for a warm pooch.

Eagle Elbano Emanuel
Earl Elber Emil
Early Elbo Emir
East Eldorado Emerson
Easton Eleazar Esquire
Ebel Elf Esprit
Ebeno Elias Esso
Echo Ely Estaban
Ecstasy Elm Estro
Eddi Elmino Ethan
Edel Elmir Etienne
Edgar Elmo Ewok
Eggo Elton Excaliber
Eight Ball Elvin Ezekiel
Elan Elvis Ezra

Our F-Male Chihuahua Name Lists…

Falafel: The name Falafel is one name which can mean anything you want it to. Once a friend, he is a friend for a life time. A cute name for your warm and loving doggie.

Flame: A word used to express how cool or awesome something is. Flame would make a good name for your cool Chihuahua. This highly talented boy is worthy of praise due to his total awesomeness.

Felix: A funny pooch that doesn't like to confide in people. This boy dog is small and skinny and knows how to make you laugh. Not very trusting, this boy dog can make a situation less awkward. A cute name for the dog that you will never let down in life.

Ferris: Ferris as in Ferris Bueller; this cute dog name can be used to describe the essential temperament of your pooch thanks to the iconic movie. Always ready to enjoy himself and explore the world, this Chihuahua always knows the fastest way home.

Ferrari: The name of some of the world's most beautiful and powerful cars, this would make a cute name for your little Chihuahua. This boy dog is the most coveted pooch on earth and everyone both young and old will appreciate this puppy.

Freddie: This strong name needs to match a dog that has character. A real charmer to those he considers to be his friends, this pooch is smart and is thought to be amazing. A cute name for the dog that is deep down, gentle and kind hearted.

Frodo: The name of the vertically challenged protagonist from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, this cute name is for a silly little dog with furry toes. Pesky as heck, this little pooch just won’t let go of the ring. A nice name for the Chihuahua that is found in small villages and towns.

Fabian Flan Freebie
Fagan Flapjack Freedom
Fairbanks Fleischmann French
Fairchild Flicker Fresh
Fairfax Flint Freud
Falcon Flip Frisbee
Fandango Flash Frisky
Fang Fletch Fritz
Farley Flicker Frostie
Farris Frankie Fudd
Fearless Franklin Fudge
Fenton Frasier Fuji
Fergus Freckles Funky
Fester Fred Furball
Fitzpatrick Frederick Flirt


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