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Creative Names That Start With These Letters

Searching for the perfect E-F female Chihuahua names for your puppy? Look no further. As here is a list of female Chihuahua name suggestions to help you find the best one to specifically suit your Chihuahua.

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When selecting your dog’s new name it’s helpful to look at your Chihuahua’s physical attributes, such as her color and other markings to help you come up with the best name. You can also choose a name that is a bit out of the ordinary, or one from a foreign language if you are looking for something unique. But the greatest thing for you to remember over all is to choose a name that you and your dog actually like.

Our E-Female Chihuahua Name Lists…

Esmeralda: Spanish in origin, the meaning of Esmeralda is "emerald" and it is ideal for your pretty and smart pooch. A valuable friend to have, especially when true friends are very difficult to find. This pooch was hard to find, hard to leave, and will be impossible to forget.

Edelmira: This name is Spanish and Arabic in origin, and means "princess". This Chihuahua has so much kindness to give, and even more love to share just with you. Funny but all so serious, Edelmira is so strong, yet so fragile and sensitive.

Eden: A good identifier for the girl whose eyes put a spell on you. Her eyes can melt a thousand hearts, and her beauty is more radiant than the sun. This is the Chihuahua that everything falls into nothingness when compared to the beauty of her personality.

Elba: The name of the island off the west coast of Italy where Napoleon was exiled, Elba is an amazing name for an amazingly beautiful goddess. This identifier is the name for the pooch that is always considered to be totally awesome by everyone that meets her.

Eldora: Choose this name for your energetic dog. She enjoys playing around the house, and if she doesn’t like your friends, she'll probably tell them. This girl doesn’t like to be bullied by anyone.

Elegance: A beautiful name from the English word, Elegance is the state or quality of being elegant. A wonderful name for the pooch that is refined with grace and beauty.

Eartha Elizabeth Equity
Ebony Elke Ernestine
Echo Ella Escapade
Eclaire Ellen Esprit
Edda Ellie Estra
Edela Elsa Estrella
Edera Elvira Etta
Edge Ember Europa
Edna Emerald Eurel
Edwina Emerson Eureka
Egad Emma Evita
Eiffle Emmeline Eyota
Eileen Emmy Excess
Eille Emmylou Expresso
Eleanor Empress Extasy
Electra Enola

Our F-Female Chihuahua Name Lists…

Fable: Choose this name for the little sparkle that sparkles when she enters the room. This Chihuahua will have a huge impact on your life, and it will be a good one. Nobody will ever forget a beautiful face like hers, a fabulous name for the dog that is a beautiful creature all around.

Fabrizia: Fabrizia is the most amazing, beautiful, and extraordinary Chihuahua that you'll ever meet in your life. She's funny, outgoing, smart and cute as heck! She always turns heads no matter where she goes and will always stand out in a crowd.

Fauna: Choose Fauna for the dog and good friend that will always have your back no matter what. Caring loving and highly devoted, this Chihuahua is always available, especially when you need someone there the most.

Fawn: A name that is usually associated with a young deer, Fawn is perfect for your pretty young girl. This pooch will have a grayish yellow-brown to moderate reddish brown coat and a spunky behavior. A cute name for the dog that you have to flatter, or give a compliment in order to gain favor.

Frankie: Frankie is the name for the girl dog that is always blunt. She will speak her mind without caring what others think, and she will not back down from a challenge despite her size. Frankie is a great friend to have.

Freda: This identifier can be chosen for the Chihuahua that is very compassionate and will help any time you need her. Normally very quiet, she will remain very shy until she warms up to you. This pooch has a temper, but if you don't push her far you will never see it.

Fuchsia: A great moniker for a very cute girl who is super kind and fun to be around. Fuchsia loves to have fun and hang out with you all day. She is just like your shadow following you all around. This little dog loves colorful things.

Faberge Felicity Fluffy
Faith Fergie Foly
Falcon Fido Fonda
Fallon Fifi Fontana
Fancy Fiji Foxy
Fandango Fizzz Frances
Fang Flan Frazzle
Fantasia Flash Frekles
Fargo Flirt Frederica
Fatima Flo Frieda
Fats Floozie Freddie
Fay Flora Fresca
Fayette Florence Frisky
Feather Flore Frisbee
February Floris Furball
Fedora Flower Furr
Felicia Flossy Furrbie


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