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Want some cute girl Chihuahua names to match these little big dogs? Check out our list of cute names below to match these tiny puppies with a moniker to match their big attitudes. Cute girl dog names are not always easy to come by as they are normally unique to the puppy herself, or it is has that special meaning that only you know about. Little dogs like the Chihuahuas need names that are small, girlish or sweet. Names like Honey, Truffle, Sparkle, Sugar or Twinkle are all ideal names for these small dogs. However, if you are still on the hunt for a cute girl Chi name, and you still can’t come up with one that suits your pup, consider these cute girl Chihuahua names below.

Angeletta: Meaning little angel in Italian, this identifier is perfect for your adorable little girl dog. Angeletta (Angel for short) is extremely versatile, and can easily adapt to a lot of situations. A great name for the dog that has the ability to balance everything.

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Bella: The Italian for “beautiful” this name is perfect for a female Chihuahua because she is a beautiful dog. Your little Chihuahua with a shiny and healthy fur coat would love this name.

Dana: This beautiful name means "Justice" and it would make a great pick for your cute dog. This little girl will love to explore, and she will become irritable if cooped up for long. A cute girl Chihuahua name for your friendly, bright and alert dog.

Dora: The shortening for adorable, Dora is a great pick for your Chi puppy. This cute puppy will always find new ways of showing you how much she loves you and will shower you with her kindness and charm. A great name for a lovely puppy.

Heidi: This pretty name means “The warrior” and it would make a fine pick for your adorable Chihuahua puppy. This girl is stubborn about getting her own way and can hold her ground for a long time.

Leandra: Choose this Spanish name for your steadfast pooch. Meaning “Who suffers with patience” this pooch will have a very high tolerance level, and she will not snap at you, unless she is provoked. A cute girl Chihuahua name for a well mannered dog.

Little Lady: This cute name is the ideal moniker for your sweet little girl. This Chihuahua likes butterflies and flowers, but she belongs to none. A great name for the pooch that has the ability to light up the most somber place with her presence.

Missilou: Choose this cute name and it will be a family favorite in no time. Pronounced “mi-see-loo”, this name is derived from musello, the Italian name for “little snout” and it will be a great pick for a Chihuahua puppy because her short little nose is one of her cutest features.

Peaches: This pooch has a freedom-loving spirit which means she like having space to do her own thing and be herself. Peaches will have problems going after what she wants and everyone admires her independence and freedom of expression in everything. A great name for the dog whose style is brisk, edgy and uncompromising.

Rosa: This name selection would work great with a Chihuahua that reminds you of a little doll or a little child. This pooch is a total doll, and she has it all, does it all, and wants it all. A great name for the dog that will get the best out of you no matter what it takes.

Teaka: Teeka is the Chi that can be very mischievous at times. When this girl goes for a walk and she likes to let people know she is around with her ‘big’ bark. A terrific name for the girl dog that is a handful and a challenge.

Bunny Garbo Nakita
Buttercup Grace Nancy
Chili Honey Nibbles
Cuddles Jazzy Pumpkin
Daisy Kara Putt Putt
Deja vu Karma Rachel
Dawn Kasha Ransom
Diva Kate Rapid
Dolly Kay Rave
Ebony Keno Sophie
Emma Kitten Tinkerbell
Enya Lady Zara
Eva Lana Zsa Zsa
Faith Lane
Fancy Lara
Fifi Lava Lips

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