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cute female chihuahu

This cute female Chihuahua names page is dedicated to only those Chihuahuas that are cute, like yours. To make your search easier, we have come to your aid with our list of cute name ideas below. If you want, you can spend hours searching through numerous books and websites just to find the right name. But why do that when our list has made it so easy for you to just sit right there (dog on your lap of course) and search this page and/or site until you find the perfect one.

Our compilation of cute female Chihuahua names below comes with a few suggestions and meanings, which will prove to be quite helpful when naming your pet! Once you have decided on the perfect name for your Chihuahua be sure to ask your pup what she thinks, after all, she’ll be the one hearing it thousands of times over the course of her lifetime.

Our Cute Female Chihuahua Name Ideas

Alicia: Meaning truthful, this moniker is for your very honest girl pooch. This little lady loves herself, and she can be a bit delicate and take things to heart. A bit silly at times, Alicia is usually open-minded and is willing to listen to what others have to say.

Bambi: This identifier is for the elegant and kind pooch that you have at home. Bambi is extremely emotional, but she is also highly private and secretive. A great choice for the pooch that has a strong personality but always remembers she’s a lady.

Bertha: Meaning brilliant ruler, Bertha is a great choice for the dog that rules your household. This girl is very loyal, and can be very protective of their owner. A great name for your little companion.

Button: This cute little dog loves human attention, and is a true lap dog in every sense. Button is a great companion dog that is affectionate, courageous, extremely lively and proud. A cool name for the dog that holds the family together just like how a button holds clothes together.

adorable chihuahua

Clarita: Meaning bright and clear, this moniker is ideal for your very intelligent dog. Clarita is so smart that she is almost to the point of outsmarting you or being downright stubborn. Another great pick for the bold and saucy dog.

Cuddles: This pick would work well with a very sensitive pooch that thrives on affection and companionship. Cuddles is always looking for the closest place to you if he cannot get into your lap. A great name for your companion and snuggle buddy.

Melody: This is a great choice for the pooch that loves music. This little lady will come to life once she hears a song comes on the radio, and she will even sing along once in a while. A cute name for a very personable dog.

Monica: This cute name means advisor and is a great choice for your little consultant. You will have to meet with this little lady before you make any major changes in your life or the house because of course, Monica is your trusted canine advisor.

Novia: Novia means sweetheart and it is a cute name for your beautiful and peachy girl Chi. This little girly is good 90 percent of the time and the rest, she is somewhere creating some form of chaos.

Paloma: Choose this cute Spanish name for the Chihuahua that loves to spread her wings around the house. Meaning dove, this cute girl dog is beautiful in every sense. She has great hair and eyes and is an amazing friend.

Precious: This cute female Chihuahua name is a wonderful pick for your treasured and cherished dog. This pooch has strong ideals, humanitarian feelings and is an original and liberal thinker. A wonderful name for a left-wing dog.

Adriana Esmeralda Maria
Alejandra Eve Mercedes
Alicia Gabriela Marilu
Amore Gracie Miranda
Ana Heidi Noel
Angelica Inez Pasha
Aura Irma Patricia
Aurora Juana Rocio
Betty Boop Juanita Rosa
Cecilia Kate Rosario
Chewy Kristina Sasha
Christina Leticia Silvia
Cierra Lexus Snookie
Elsa Lover Gurl Suzie-Q
Elvira Manuela Thalia

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