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For Chi’s That Are The Hippest Of Hip

cool male chihuahua name

Are you looking for the perfect list of cool male Chihuahua names for your new puppy or dog? You’ve found the right page, as here you will discover a good collection of names, some with meanings and suggestions for your little pal.

For any new puppy, the name given and its meaning is just as important as when you are naming a baby. You might be wondering why? The reason for this is simple. Your new puppy will be the newest addition to the family and everyone that's a part of a family should have their own special name. The one given to your dog should be easy to call, and it could have your own special meaning to it. So here's our cool male Chihuahua names just for him!

Our Male Cool Chihuahua Name Ideas…

Chopin: A Polish vodka made from potatoes instead of grain, Chopin is a cool name for an expensive dog. This cute little pooch is a great doer, and accomplisher with an outgoing nature. A cool name for the Chi that’s tipsy on life itself.

Cliff: Choose this cool male Chihuahua name for the dog that likes to go off the deep end at times. This Chihuahua will often look for shortcuts which often push him over the edge. A death defying name for your highly energetic dog.

Clipper: This little loyal fellow will never allow your friends to get too close to him as he is a one owner type of dog. This pooch will keep all strangers at arm's length and will always try to protect his family even when danger isn't present! A cool name for the dog that puts up hard shells—boundaries!

Flannel: The name of the single greatest dog ever, this boy is your symbol of good fortune. Flannel is soft, loving and comfortable around everyone. A cool male Chihuahua name for your good natured dog.

Fletch: The nickname for Fletcher, this doggie has the ability to help you through all the emotional times that you will experience in life. When domestic issues threaten to damper your spirit, this little guy will be there to help you keep a positive attitude. If he should run for President, he’ll get our vote!

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Genius: Genius is a master imitator, and he can mimic anyone in your family. This fellow is your fearless protector, and he will protect the home from all dangers. A cool male Chihuahua name for the brainy pet that will attack any dog (no matter how large) because he has some big plan worked out already.

Gin: Choose this identifier for the dog that can make you laugh with his antics, or make you angry when he decorates your house! Gin is incredibly curious and intoxicating like the strong liquor—to the point that he’ll just walk into a possibly dangerous situation just to see what’s happening. Gin is the perfect tonic.

Julio: Pick this name selection for the Chihuahua that was born to embody the essence of coolness. Julio is the master of everything and everyone, and he knows just how to get what he wants. A super cool name for the puppy that is amazing at everything he does.

Lance: Strong and dependable, this little doggie tends to lead the way when it comes to reaping the rewards. This boy is a hard worker and lover of everything that is fine and beautiful. A groovy name for the reliable dog.

Tao: Meaning "The way", "The Path", "The Flow", Tao is a cool name for the dog that knows where he is going. This little guy loves moving around in nature, doing whatever comes natural to him. A wonderful name for the dog that is everywhere.

Wasabe: This pick would work great for the dog that loves to explore new places with you. This boy loves the idea of going on weekend road trips. A unique name for the dog that loves being chauffeured around.

Whiskey: Versatility is a great strength of this expressive and quick-witted dog. Whiskey has two distinctive sides to his personality, today he can be serious, while tomorrow you will find a dog that is ready for fun, fun, fun! A cool name for the exciting dog that you are not sure who you are going to come face-to-face with each day.

Alpha Cisco Kid Lil Bear
Amigo Coconut L'il Bit
Animal Cody Major Chi
Baboo Comet Malibu
Baby Cory Mick
Baby Bear Derek Nipper
Baby Boo Devo Noel
Baby Boy Dice Nudge
Basil Halfpint Nugget
Beans Happy Oak
Bear Hero Peanut
Bogart Hotdog Sebastian
Bon-bon Itsy Sen-Sen
Boo Bear Jagger Shades
Brando Jellybean Shane
Cassanova Knuckles Skip

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