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Looking for some cool girl Chihuahua names? We have outlined below a unique selection of cool puppy names for female Chihuahua dogs. We hope this list is helpful, and you will find just the right name for your pet!

Born intelligent and brave, these little dogs are sometimes too brave for their own good. Although these puppies are the smallest dogs in the world, the Chihuahua has a huge bag of spirit, which makes them a true bundle of energy. Chihuahuas are normally a one owner type of dog, which can be stubborn, sensitive, and playful. These dogs are sociable animals that can live together with other dogs and cats without any difficulty. However, you should remember that these pooches are so small that they can easily be trampled by larger dogs. So, here is our list of cool girl Chihuahua names, we hope they are cool enough to be memorable for you and your dog.

Alina: The name of the Olympic medalist in rhythmic gymnastics Alina Kabayeva, this Greek name means "light" and it would be suitable for a bright eyed dog. This Chihuahua values her freedom, is frank and direct to the point of being tactless.

cool girl chihuahua name

Belle: Choose this name for the cute little Chihuahua that you have in your life. This little lady is usually quite assertive and responsive to the needs of her family and surroundings. Therefore, making this name a great choice for a loyal and cool small dog.

Cloris: This Greek name means "blooming" which makes this choice a cool name for a beautiful girl dog. This girl dog often longs for something exciting and "magical" and you will always see her searching around the house for it. A great name for the dog that is "in control".

Corinne: Meaning "maiden" you can choose this pick for your sweet, innocent fawn-eyed girl. This Chihuahua enjoys a challenge and makes a good leader or boss, especially where an initiative and pioneering spirit is needed.

Kyra: If you are a fan of the actress Kyra Sedgwick; this Greek name would be a great pick for your Chi. Meaning "lady", Kyra possesses all the traits of a well mannered dog. This pooch needs to do something which she considers to be of value, or she'll go nuts.

Leia: Meaning "royal child of heaven" this name was made popular by Princess Leia from Star Wars, and it would make a great name selection for a dog like a Chihuahua. Graceful and affectionate this pooch has a bit of a child in her. A cool girl Chihuahua name for your loving dog.

Madge: Living in a world of fantasy this name is perfect for the dog without timetables or routines. This pooch only eats only when she is hungry and sleeps when she is sleepy.

Mia: Give this name to the very affectionate Chihuahua that will give love to all the people around her. This little lady loves life itself, and she feels love for all her family, especially her owner. This girl needs a family that must be understanding and knows how to avoid hurting her sensitive feelings.

Petunia: Pet is the Chi that loves to be active and do things that other dogs are lazier at. This girl usually cannot stay passive for long. A cool girl Chihuahua name for the pooch that surely does not like boring people.

Shea: This Gaelic name means "admirable" and can be given to the Chihuahua that is very sociable. This girl is always looking forward to bringing some normalcy or some sense of balance into her home.

Tia: This Spanish name means "aunt" and it would make a great fit with your female Chihuahua. Tia is very possessive of her family and will not want to share them with anyone else. A cool girl Chihuahua name for your self-expressive dog.

Angel Lips Pearl
Baby Bear Lolita Raquel
Baby Doll Madison Rosa
Bella Mae Rosabelle
Bouquet Mira Rosebud
Cee Cee Mirage Salsa
Celeste Nada Sweetheart
Celia Nadia Sweetie Pie
Delphi Patience Tara
Delta Patrice Tess
Demi Paws Tesia
Ditto Peace Toots
Fiona Peach Tweek
Izzy Peaches Vanity
Jazz Peanut Vanna

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